Shame on Obama, Shame on Liberals

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Over the past five years, I have been alternately annoyed, bothered, bewildered, aghast, appalled and even occasionally amused by the Obama Administration.

But NOW, I’m angry.

I’m angry because Iraq, a country we spent so much time and effort to rebuild into a nascent democracy, is falling.

I’m angry because American men and women lost blood, limbs and lives to destroy a tyrant, to crush a terrorist movement and finally to give decent people in a rough corner of the world a chance at a better future.

I’m angry because of all the years the Left spent harping on President Bush and the war effort, never once looking past their regurgitated talking points to even try to comprehend the strategy of what was going on in the Middle East.

I’m angry because those same ignorant, commo-fascists have now inflicted their demagoguery on the U.S. and the world to the point that Iraq’s roadways are littered with decapitated bodies and the ground shakes under the feet of an al-Qaida army.

I’m angry because friendly Iraqis, good men we trained to defend their country, have been abandoned by the corrupt officers we left in charge and abandoned by an equally corrupt U.S. president.

Bringing Shariah justice to Iraq.

I’m angry because while our president plays his umpteen hundredth round of golf, the White House pretends it is “doing something” by sending a lone aircraft carrier to the region while senior staffers report that Obama is thinking about maybe possibly doing something, perhaps involving drones.

I’m angry because past presidents could get missiles, aircraft and men to hot spots in a matter of hours, but this one moves like he’s stuck in molasses.

I’m angry because so many people accurately saw this coming years ago, but Obama and the deaf Left just “knew” that appeasement and allying the U.S. with the Muslim Brotherhood and all manner of al-Qaida-linked mercenaries was the way to bring peace.

I’m angry because our president aids and abets our sworn enemy by providing it arms and personnel in Syria and Libya and God knows where else and he remains a free man, wearing his treason like a sport coat.

I’m angry because it’s been widely known for years that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated this Administration and nothing is done about it because of the Left’s lock on the media and the Senate.

I’m angry because this country elected a president and instead got King Barack the Incompetent, who ignores the law, the Constitution, the truth and common decency.

Every person who ever supported this man, this Obama, should be on their knees today, begging for forgiveness for the blood being shed in Iraq in their name. They should be ashamed, deeply so. Because it is their name, their anti-war zealotry, their fascist beliefs, their ignorance of history and global events, yes even their not-so-subtle anti-Iraqi racism, that is represented by their president, Barack Hussein Obama, the lowest kind of yellow-bellied coward, who abandons his friends and leaves them to be bombed, shot, stabbed, tortured and raped, and allies himself instead with the villains who did it.

Yes, NOW I’m angry. You should be, too.


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