Shakespeare In The Park Production ‘Graphically’ Stab To Death, President Trump Look-Alike!

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Well folks, it’s about that time for the 2017 season of New York City’s Shakespeare in the Park…Hooray!…It’s looking like the people running this side show are debuting a new direction in their portrayal of “Julius Caesar” comes with a liberal gem — the actor playing Julius Caesar, the one who is and was stabbed to death on the Senate floor in the play, as well as in real life — is portrayed by a man who is spookily similar-looking to President Donald Trump.

Coincidence? Now that’s a dumb question…

It has already been reported that the group who is putting on this performance, The Public Theater, is definitely Trump-inspired, as I’m sure they wouldn’t have it any other way. This rag tag group of local theater nerds have stated that their “Julius Caesar” has “never felt more contemporary.”

An audience member who was at the performance on Saturday in Central Park, mentioned the oddly similar looks that the actor playing Trump had to the real Trump, during an interview with Joe Piscopo on AM 970 ‘The Answer’. The caller said that the character depicting “Caesar” was “just like Trump.”

Laura Sheaffer spoke with Mediaite:

“The actor playing Caesar was dressed in a business suit, with a royal blue tie, hanging a couple inches below the belt line, with reddish-blond hair — just like Trump.”

“I always go to Shakespeare in the Park, but I wasn’t expecting to see this.” Sheaffer, even added that “Calpurnia,” who was the wife of “Caesar,” matched FLOTUS Melania Trump. They even gave her a “Slavic accent.”

Sheaffer mentioned that when it came to the stabbing scene in the “Caesar” production, they really got the stabbing on the Senate floor down to graphic detail.

The murder of “Caesar”, was no doubt embellished and drawn out for the sake of Trump, because as everyone who doesn’t have their head up their ass, knows – The left are as violent and unstable as they come. Throw in a little bit of passive aggression, and they can hide their sick fantasies under the guise of ‘comedic relief’…Just ask Kathy Griffin.

“They had the full murder scene onstage, and blood was spewing everywhere out of his body. To be honest, I thought it was shocking and distasteful. If this had happened to any other president — even as recently as Barack Obama or George W. Bush — it would not have flown. People would have been horrified.”

Sheaffer made it crystal clear that the production had over stepped the boundaries:

“Kathy Griffin got so much coverage for what she did, everyone was horrified, so why is no one horrified by this, which is essentially the murder of the President of the United States in front of 2,000 people? The performance was well done, and the actors did a good job. It was fascinating to see the parallels between the Trump administration and Caesar’s rule, but murdering the president on stage was just too far.”

The tolerant left are in reality, the hateful left. They need to grow up and get over it! Trump is President!

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