Selma, Alabama, Vivica Fox and Vanessa Williams turn 50

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Fifty years ago, the black struggle for freedom and equality led to the fateful confrontation in Selma, Alabama.

Fifty years later, wealthy liberal plutocrats gave speeches, pretending to identify with those who did the hard work. For today’s elite, Selma is a distraction from a world burning and a dreadful economy.

As Selma turns 50, President Obama vowed to help black youth unemployment hit 50%. Free at last? American Dream? Only if you are a job-killing President.

Told Selma was about the struggle for freedom, the confused Obama asked, “What’s a struggle?”

It’s when bad weather prevents golf and Hawaii surfing.

When told Selma was 50, Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton both agreed she looked good but that Vivica A. Fox and Vanessa Williams looked better.

Asked about Selma, President Bill Clinton insisted he never had sex with that woman. Age kept Bubba from recalling his affair with Sally Hastings.

Told of Selma, a jealous First Lady Michelle Obama said that if Barack even looked at other woman she’d beat him harder than Brenda Richie did Lionel.

Selma is a day to honor Rosa Parks for refusing to give up her seat next to Obama on Air Force One. So says the new POTUS-approved Common Core books.

Honoring Selma, Hillary Clinton ordered her staff to only use paper shredders & email cleaners made by black-owned businesses. At last, jobs have been created.

To avoid any embarrassment in honoring Selma, Obama ordered Attorney General Eric Holder to put Joe Biden back in chains.

Democrats are expected to honor Selma by replacing unqualified corrupt biracial Obama with unqualified corrupt female Hillary faking a Southern accent.

Obama spent the day in Alabama while privately unsure who this Selma woman is. Then he and Eric Holder vowed to spread ideological bigotry and revenge for two more years.

Obama was torn. How can he honor the history of Selma when his Common Core books say history did not begin until January 20, 2009?

The 50 year black struggle for freedom was still shorter than Obama’s speech about Selma and other events he pretended to relate to.

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