Seems Like Jeb Bush Likes Getting Beat By The Trumps

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Insulting children is all Jeb Bush has left to save face after being steamrolled by Donald Trump two years ago.

Last night Jeb Bush took shots at Donald Trump’s family after telling his interviewer that he was unwilling to talk about the 2016 election.

Jeb’s Comments

Ever since losing the bid to become the Republican candidate for the Presidential Election, Jeb Bush has been unable to get any mainstream traction. On Tuesday, he spoke to Yale University and the main media source there to cover the talk was the campus paper.

According to the Yale Daily News, Jeb Bush said during his speech that unlike Trump, every day Jeb gets to go back home to children who “actually love” him.”

Jeb! has three children, ages 34, 40 and 41. So, approximately the same range as the best known of the Trump clan.

The implication here, of course, is that Trump’s kids do not love him. The other implication is that Jeb Bush probably still cries himself to sleep at night for losing the election.

After stating that he would not be talking about the 2016 election to a crowd that literally only wanted to ask him about the 2016 election, he joked that it was still too painful:

“I’m still in therapy.”


Response from Don Jr., Eric

In response, Trump’s son Don Jr., 40, tweeted this:

Of course, Don Jr. still uses the Jeb! marketing that Jeb! used during his failed campaign.

Instead of the devastating insult that his brother gave, Eric, 34, gave a much simpler response:

Did I say that Eric didn’t insult Jeb? No, he added the “please clap” hashtag in reference to the time that Jeb had to ask the audience for applause.

Yale Daily News Issues Soft, Useless ‘Correction’

After his comments blew up in his face, the campus paper corrected themselves claiming that Bush’s remarks about children who love him “did not directly refer to Trump.”

As well, said the paper, “his comment was met with raucous laughter and applause from the crowd.”

But, we are not alone — the paper says that they interviewed people after the speech, and “eight of nine audience members interviewed after the event told [the campus paper] they interpreted Bush’s comment as a reference to Trump.”


The correction has to do with the exact sentenced used by the Yale paper:

“Bush said that, unlike Trump, he returns home every day to his children ‘who actually love me.'”

The correction refers to the “unlike Trump” in their sentence. So yes, Jeb didn’t directly mention Bush during that particular sentence. But yes, Jeb was definitely ripping on Trump.

Jeb ‘Encouraged’ By Trump

In January of this year, Jeb Bush tweeted that he felt “encouraged” by Donald Trump’s ability to hold an immigration meeting on immigration. Good for you, Jeb, thinking that your opinion still matters.

During the election, Jeb! pushed the idea that Trump would be the “chaos” candidate, not knowing that being a chaos candidate is a good thing because he took the media by storm. The couldn’t predict any of his actions, and chaos was seen as the antidote to the swamp in Washington.

Poor Bush. The only man in the Bush family who doesn’t get the respect of being called “Bush.” Just Jeb.

In 2015 we wrote up Jeb! for his bizarre anti-Second Amendment stance while laughing at his bid to insult Rand Paul and Ted Cruz — two men who are still very relevant in the political landscape. Unlike you, Jeb!


The View Piles On

This afternoon The View decided to comment on Jeb’s remarks.

Joy Behar remarked:

“I thought it was a fairly snarky remark that [Donald’s children] deserve… [ audience applause]… during the campaign, this is what Trump said about Jeb. He’s low energy — well, he showed you right now he’s not that low on energy, he’s sad and pathetic, he’s a spoiled child, he’s weak, he’s too soft, he’s clueless, he’s an embarrassment to his family, total stiff, a sad sack, a puppet…”

At that point, Behar turned to the audience and said about the puppet remark: “Hello, Putin?”

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You can watch the three minute exchange here if you feel like you want to be angry for the rest of the night.

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