A Secret ICE Raid Revealed THIS Many Illegals Arrested!

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement have been working really hard these past few months. Their workload has exponentially increased thanks to the crackdown on illegal immigration now that President Trump is in office. But the raids to detain criminal illegal aliens have been bringing up results. The results are kind of shocking.

This past week enforcement agents stated they had detained approximately 367 individuals in just one week. This includes cities all across the United States. Arrests began on Monday when 153 people were arrested in South Texas. Arrests decreased the next day with a total of 75 people being detained. It was a three-day operation that took place all across Northern Texas.

Wednesday arrests increased when 82 people were arrested in the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. areas. 31 people were arrested all across New York City. Over a four day continuous operation 26 people were detained by ICE in Wyoming.

Raids are conducted on a daily basis by ICE’s Fugitive Operations division within their agency. Situations, where several teams of agents go into a large city, have become increasingly rare.

ICE spokesperson Dani Bennett said the following about the raids,

“Individuals who drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs have long been considered by ICE to be a public safety threat and enforcement priority.”

This is a far cry from the former Obama administration. During his reign as President driving under the influence was considered a second-tier priority for deportation instead of a felony offense. Priority in terms of prosecution and budgeting were only given to those who were being charged with such crimes as terrorism, espionage, and violent crimes.

However, the Department of Homeland Security is now prioritizing all immigrants who can potentially be deported because of a criminal offense charge. Anonymous sources have maintained that these new immigration guidelines have now made it so that five times more illegal immigrants are prioritized for deportation.

A liberal organization called La ColectiVA has tried to argue that this is just an attack on the immigrant community in an attempt to make them live in fear. In reality, people have nothing to fear if they have not broken the law. Clearly, these new guidelines are working though because the Los Angeles Police Department reported there was a 25% decrease in sexual assault reports that came from the Latino community

Houston police confirmed this by reporting a decrease in rape accusations and charges by 43% between the months of January – March, all months of the Trump administration. This was compared to the same time last year. Illegal immigration has been a rampant issue for far too long.

President Trump has been working to crackdown on illegal immigration and since he’s been in office. He has already done more good in the last few months than Obama did in his entire time in office. That speaks for itself. President Obama should be ashamed of himself for letting criminal illegal aliens run rampant in our streets. He allowed people who posed a real threat to Americans walk amongst us, for that he is un-American.

Thanks to President Trump, he is no longer allowing this treason to continue any longer.

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