Second Florida University Allows Staff to Carry Firearms on Campus

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Amid all the liberal and MSM narrative for gun control, Webber International University recently became the second college in Florida to sign up for a program that allows trained staff members to carry firearms on campus.

The “Sentinel Program,” offered through the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, provides comprehensive training to volunteer participants and authorizes them to serve as “special deputies” in the event of an active assailant incident on campus.

Two Florida universities have now joined a voluntary program that would make it possible for trained staff to carry firearms on campus.

According to FOX 13, Webber International University announced its partnership with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office last week, a move that would expand the experimental Sentinel Program that was first implemented in the summer of 2017.

“We’re gonna send the message to those people that you’re not coming onto a campus being the only person on the campus with a firearm.”   

The latest move makes Webber only the second school in Florida to implement the program after Southeastern University announced its participation in the police initiative last year.

According to the project’s description, those who wish to participate in the Sentinel Program “will be given 100 hours of comprehensive firearm safety and proficiency training for the purpose of providing security on campus during an active assailant incident.”

Since Florida does not allow anyone to carry firearms on campus with the exception of law enforcement officials, the participants will be given a rank of volunteer “Special Deputies,” and will have “no authority to act in any law enforcement capacity outside of an active assailant incident on campus.”

“We’re gonna send the message to those people that you’re not coming onto a campus being the only person on the campus with a firearm,” said Sheriff Grady Judd, as reported by FOX 13. “Gun control is clearly in place on school campuses in the state of Florida. How did that work last week in Broward County?”

The project’s description page further notes that the 100-hour firearm training threshold provides “25 percent more instruction than the standard that is required for certified law enforcement officers,” adding that participants “will also be required to complete 32 hours of deadly force training.”

“Everyone just has to ask themselves that question: My babies, your babies, are in that classroom and that active shooter is coming down the hallway with that thousand-yard stare and that gun in their hand,” Sheriff Judd remarked. “Do you want somebody to step out and stop him? Or do you want him to go into that classroom and slaughter your babies? That’s where we are with this today.”

Southeastern University President Dr. Kent Ingle earlier in February told the station that the program “allows highly trained faculty and staff to be stationed literally all over the campus.”

“They are carrying for the sole purpose, can engage an active shooter should he or she come on campus and try to create destruction,” Ingle added.

However, Gov. Scott of Florida disagrees with Sheriff Judd’s views.

Florida Sheriff: Arming Teachers, Ending Gun-Free Zones Would Be A ‘Game-Changer’

On Monday, President Donald Trump held a meeting with the nation’s governors on how to address school shootings.

During the 75-minute event, Trump called on Florida Gov. Rick Scott to outline the steps he is taking to respond to the Feb. 14 shooting in Parkland.

Gov. Scott said he plans to increase funding to protect schools and to tighten gun restrictions on those with mental health issues.

However, remember Scott is running for senate in Florida. He needs the votes in 2018.

“I have $500 million expectations out of my legislature. I’ve been talking to them all weekend. I’m going to focus every day on making sure we get that money and we get the law enforcement and we get the mental health counselors. We’re going to do the right things in our state,” Scott told Local 10 News White House Correspondent Ross Palombo after the meeting.

Gov. Scott told Palombo that he does not agree with the president’s suggestion to arm teachers.

“I believe we ought to make sure we have law enforcement presence, we make sure they’re trained,” Gov. Scott said. “I want to make sure that all our budgets go through our sheriff’s departments to make sure that they know how the money is going to be spent, because they’re responsible for our law enforcement.”

Gov. Scott said there are some states where teachers are already armed, but he said he wants to put the focus in Florida on strengthening law enforcement.

BIG MISTAKE if you ask me!

Let’s review shall we?

The FBI knew about Parkland, Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz.

The Broward County Sheriffs knew about the Parkland, Florida shooter as well.

The Coral Springs Police Department knew about Nikolas Cruz.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School administrators knew about Nikolas Cruz.

The teachers and students knew about Nikolas Cruz. In fact many personnel and students at the school relayed their concern to all the levels of authority, but where did that get them?

The Broward County Sheriff’s Deputies and Broward County School – sat and did nothing! In fact, they even ordered others who wanted to help, such as first responders to NOT enter the building.

WHAT THE HECK! Can you imagine if that were your kid? These kids were lying on a hallway floor or in a classroom bleeding to death, because some stupid administrators and county officials that you pay for DIDN’T do their job! Or as we now know, were cowards and stayed in the cars until the real shooter left the building and some idiot level administrator yelled “all clear”. How many of these young kids’ lives could have been saved by first responders? Since when does a first responder stay OUT OF A BUILDING and NOT save lives?

Just think of all the people who would have died in New York in the Twin Towers on 911, if first responders were told to stay out of the buildings.


First, do you seriously think hiring more law enforcement officers with guns would have stopped this shooting in Parkland, Florida?

There were plenty of officers that arrived – they just didn’t have the guts to go in and face a teenage shooter. They were told to NOT go in.

Second, would more money thrown at mental health have stopped Nikolas Cruz?

Nikolas Cruz had a mental problem. He saw mental counselors for help. He stopped going. Did anyone follow up? Did anyone report that he stopped going?Throwing more money at the problem will NOT stop a mentally deranged criminal from getting a gun. Do you think criminals care about how they get their guns?

You can change the laws all you want, but criminals are criminals. They don’t follow laws.

Finally, The gun-free zone sign is like a bright flashing neon welcome sign for criminals. There is no one on campus to stop them and they KNOW it!

If a criminal sees two schools with two signs – one that says ‘gun-free zone’ and one that says ‘teachers armed’ – which school do you think the criminal is going to go to?

Gov. Scott is playing politics with gun control and votes. He’s hoping that way more Democrats will vote for him for Senator in 2018.

Hey Gov. Scott – No guts. No glory.

It’s time to man up! Put your big boy pants on and do the right thing! Let local school boards decide if they want a program in their schools like the Sentinel program.


Resources: Campus Reform, The Blaze, Miami Herald

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