Scott Walker to Wisconsin: Here’s an $800 Million Tax Cut – It’s Your Money

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Gov.-Scott-Walker-21I guess I could tell you that Scott Walker inherited a huge deficit and in the middle of the Obama depression, he cut Corporate taxes, survived Democrats efforts to throw him out of office, listened as liberals said he did know what he was doing and promptly turned things around with a Reagan-esque flair – by Rodney Lee Conover

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… but I’ll just say that liberals are Detroit and Scott Walker is Brett Fav…-rah.. Hat-tip Breitbart:

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is proposing $800 million in tax cuts, representing most of the state’s $912 million revenue surplus. Half of the cuts will be achieved through property tax reductions, and the other half will consist of lower payroll taxes, as well as lower income tax rates for the lowest state bracket.


“What do you do with a surplus?  Give it back to the people who earned it.  It’s your money,” Walker will tell the state legislature in his annual “State of the State Address,” according to an excerpt released to the press. The tax cuts will be a core part of Walker’s new budget for the state, entitled the “Blueprint for Prosperity.”


Walker has presided over a remarkable turnaround in Wisconsin’s finances. When he took office in 2011, the state was running a $3.6 billion deficit. One of his first acts was to pass a corporate tax cut, which Democrats derided as a giveaway to the rich, but which helped grow the local economy and attract businesses and jobs.


The collective bargaining reforms that Walker subsequently enacted, over vehement Democrat and union opposition, also helped state and local governments save money while preserving public sector jobs. To that achievement, Walker can now add a tax cut–something few other governors, even Republicans, have achieved.

Wow – shocker of shocks! Tax credits stimulate the economy and Democrats call you names when you don’t do what they want?

Even when Barack Obama is trying to destroy the nation, you can prosper it turns out. These Dems are not long for the country, because unlike their predesessors, they’re not helping at all. They’re working against us.

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Midwestern Governors Build Credentials for 2016

One group of potential candidates for president probably won’t be shuffling off to Iowa, New Hampshire or other early campaign spots in the new year. They’ll be hunkered down in statehouses across the Midwest, pushing bills through their legislatures. Few outside their home states will notice, but these governors and their policies could wind up in the national campaign picture. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Mike Pence of Indiana, Rick Snyder of Michigan and John Kasich of Ohio were all elected after Republicans began taking political control of the middle of the country back in 2010. Since then, they have offered a glimpse of what some conservative policies would look like if put into wider effect. Should any of these governors join the race for the White House, their state records would become their chief qualification for higher office and might provide some distance from partisan battles in Washington. The governors could also benefit from being in a region rich with swing states.

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