School Walkout over ‘Gun Violence’ Managed by Racist, Sexist Hate Group

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Tomorrow’s National School Walkout is organized by a group that supports anti-white charities and promotes Islam, transgenderism and voting Democrat. So, I downloaded their anti-gun violence lesson plan.

According to the Town Hall Project, over 2,800 walkouts are planned for tomorrow. On the surface, they are supposed to be over gun violence in school. But right underneath you can find communism embedded in suggested lesson plans.

The walkouts may have been meaningful if they had been developed and promoted by students, for students, but no left-wing cause will ever escape the clutches of the adult communists.

Messages Promoted By Women’s March

I scrolled through the Twitter feed run by the Women’s March to see what kind of articles they have been promoting. These are all taken from the last few hours, and are outsider articles reposted by the March.

KEY WORDS: Race, Gender, Democrats, Women.


KEY WORDS: Parents, Children, Girls, Empower, Patriarchy
KEY WORDS: Transgender, black, crime
KEY WORDS: Gun Violence

The Women’s March can’t be too concerned about kids, because they’re really upset that Donald Trump likes to work with people who think abortion is wrong:

KEY WORDS: Abortion, Planned Parenthood, ‘Anti-choice’, Trump

Do they really expect us to believe that this is about gun violence, and not pushing people to vote for their baby-killing, anti-family Democratic policies?

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Their Anti-Gun Lesson Plan

Yesterday, the Women’s March retweeted a lesson plan from a group called Amplifier. Since they asked for your email before viewing the plan, I took one for the team and signed up.

Among the questions in the worksheet provided, they ask:

5.  Emma Gonzalez, mass shooting survivor and 18 year old gun violence prevention activist, has taken a stand to prevent another mass shooting event from taking place. She says,“We are going to be the kids you read about in textbooks. Not because we’ re going to be another statistic about mass shooting in America, but because … we are going to be the last mass shooting.” What ways can you create change? Do you feel empowered to create change? What tools or resources do you need?

As well, they provide some helpful definitions:

Gun-Related Violence: Guns and other weapons used in an unlawful way to cause harm or
death regardless of intention.
Public Mass Shootings: One in which four or more people selected indiscriminately, not
including the perpetrator, are killed.
Prevent: Keep (something) from happening or arising.
Gun Culture: Behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs about firearms and their usage by individuals and communities.

If the answers they’re looking for aren’t obvious, they also ask the student to create four pieces of artwork that can be read from a distance, i.e., posters. They’re asking students to create posters, and of course teachers are going to clue in and put them all up in the hallways and in the cafeteria.

Surprise! It’s A Propaganda Campaign

Of course, students are eligible to submit their artwork back to Amplifier for their Open Call For Youth Art.

If your artwork is chosen… it will be printed 15,000 times and distributed to street teams in major cities including Washington, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles and New York City. You’ll also get to meet with a photographer who works for the left wing National Geographic. Only one day left to submit, so you’d better hurry!

Scratch a lefty, end up with a major communist gun-grabbing propaganda campaign.

Saudi on Expired Visa Investigated for Planning Women’s March Massacre

In January, a Saudi Arabian man in America on an expired student visa was arrested after threatening to kill a woman who argued over a product sold to her in his tire shop in Indianapolis. The rifle that he threatened the woman with had previously been found suspiciously in the front seat of a truck. The truck was parked at a Hyatt Regency hotel in the downtown core, and the man Ahmed Alaklouk was found to have rented a room overlooking the street that would later fill with 3,500 people joining the Women’s March. He is currently being held by the Department of Homeland Security.

Women’s March Raises Money for Non-Whites Only

Last August, Hurricane Harvey dumped around a trillion gallons of water on the greater Houston area. The Women’s March responded by promoting fundraisers. I think we’d all understand if the money was specifically intended for female-oriented charities, like buying feminine hygiene products for displaced women or supporting pregnant women or mothers with young children, but no.

The Women’s March instead gave a list of charities that were specifically for “marginalized communities in Houston.”  This is the full title of the site they linked to:

No white people allowed.

Sources: Glamour, Facebook

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