School Sends Sheriff to Child’s Home! “Stop Sharing Bible Verses After School!”

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Desert Rose Elementary School in Palmdale, California ordered a 7-year-old boy to stop handing out Bible verses during lunch. He moved it to after school.

Then they called the sheriff’s office and had a deputy sheriff go to the child’s home to enforce the edict.

“This is a clear, gross violation of the rights of a child,” said Horatio Mihet, a Liberty Counsel attorney representing the first-grader.

Desert Rose Elementary School in Palmdale, California ordered a 7 yr old boy to stop handing out Bible verses during lunch.

The boy’s mother, Christina  Zavala, had been including a Bible verse each day in her son’s lunch and he would read them out loud at his lunch table.

Some of the children began to ask for copies of the notes and Mrs. Zavala obliged.

A teacher called the parents and stated the boy could no longer share the Bible verses.

The teacher stated that he was “not allowed to share such things while at school.”

She said the school would only allow the child to distribute them after school and outside the school gate.

The Zavalas complied with the school’s unconstitutional request.

Then the school’s principal decided to implement a complete ban on the Bible verse sharing.

They were then ordered to stop handing out notes altogether because “it was against school policy.”

The principal told the boy and his father, Jaime Zavala, that they had to move to a public sidewalk and they complied with the principal’s unconstitutional demand.

A few hours later, a sheriff’s deputy knocked on their front door.

Desert Rose Elementary School in Palmdale, California ordered a 7 yr old boy to stop handing out Bible verses during lunch.


“The deputy sheriff said he had been sent by the school,” Liberty Counsel attorney Richard Mast told me. “The deputy went on to tell the parents that the school was worried that someone might be offended by the Bible verses.”

The Washington Times reports:

The Liberty Counsel, a Christian nonprofit litigation group, is threatening legal action against Desert Rose Elementary School in Palmdale for “an outrageous violation of a first grader’s constitutional rights,” according to a Thursday press release.

In a letter to the Palmdale School District, the Liberty Counsel said, “having reviewed the above facts, district policies, and applicable law, it is clear that the actions of the district staff in this instance, in prohibiting voluntary student religious expression during non-instructional time; then completely banning such student expression from school property entirely, and finally calling the police to report the same are simply unconstitutional.”

“These actions must be disavowed and reversed, to avoid liability for civil rights violations,” the letter said.

It gave the district a deadline for responding of June 1, which was ignored, WND reported.

The school district did give this response on it’s FB page on June 4th:

It has come to our attention that the religious freedom rights of a student and his parents may have been violated at Palmdale School District Desert Rose Elementary School. The public can count on the following:
1. The District respects the religious liberties of its students and parents to the fullest extent of law;
2. The District is conducting an expedited investigation to determine the relevant facts as soon as possible; and
3. The District will take all appropriate action with respect to this incident, and will take such further action as may be needed to protect the religious liberties of its students and parents on an ongoing basis.

I have to say, that is a better response than normal! We will see what actions come. Pressure needs to be applied.

You know the drill! Call and email the school and district!

Melanie Pagliaro Principal Phone: (661) 272-0584 [email protected]

Raúl Maldonado Superintendent of Schools (661) 947-7191 [email protected]

Stacy Bryant Deputy Superintendent [email protected]

District Facebook

David Barton lays it out. It is not complicated!!! View an article on this subject at

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