Adam Schiff Facing Expulsion From Intel Committee & Loss Of Security Clearance If Matt Gaetz Gets His Resolution Passed

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“Pencil Neck” Schiff – Maybe the most irresponsible and most reprehensible man in Congress is facing dire consequenses if Matt Gaetz is successful.

Disgraced Congressman, Adam Schiff, who has refused to stop pushing his blatant lies about President Trump and Russia, even after Mueller spent over a year looking into the allegations and refused to recommend prosecution, is facing removal from the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence of the House and the revocation of his security clearance immediately should Matt Gaetz get his way.

The Daily Caller Reported: 

Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz unveiled his new resolution targeting House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff for his handling of the Russian collusion theory, during Tucker Carlson’s Wednesday show.

The resolution, titled “Preventing Extreme Negligence with Classified Information Licenses Resolution“—or “Pencil Act”—calls for Schiff’s resignation from the committee. The acronym is a reference to “pencil neck,” which is President Donald Trump’s recent nickname for Schiff.

“Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that Congressman Adam Schiff should be removed from the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence of the House and that his security clearance should be revoked immediately,” the resolution begins. “Whereas Congressman Adam Schiff is the Chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence of the House of Representatives.”

“I have filed legislation today, sent to the House, that Adam Schiff needs to be removed from the Intelligence Committee, because how are the rest of us supposed to be able to rely on a man, who you just showed, lied to the American people when he said that there was not spying? Or when he lied and said that there was actual evidence of collusion or clear evidence of collusion?” Gaetz began.

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“If Adam Schiff is able to review covert operations and intelligence, and if we have to rely on his representation, our whole system is broken,” he continued. “It would be like putting Lori Loughlin in charge of the college board. It would be like putting Jussie Smollett in charge of the hate crime of the FBI.” READ MORE @ The Daily Caller

The report is sheds light on the DOJ/FBI abuse of the FISA warrant application process and the corruption that was the basis of the entire targeting operation of President Trump.

The dossier was the foundational document for the endless investigations of President Trump and everyone in his orbit, hanging over our president’s head like the Sword of Damocles.

Just as important as perpetuating the foundation lies is the need to keep the myth of Democrats having played no role in the origination of those lies. In a nutshell, there was no legal justification to have begun an investigation of Donald Trump or any other American citizen. It was politically inspired effort made possible with prior certainty that the mainstream media would maintain the lies using all of its considerable powers of persuasion.

And you know it’s true because CBS reports that Fusion GPS was the firm hired by the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign to dig up dirt on Donald Trump.  The result was a dossier claiming candidate Donald Trump had colluded with Russia to get elected. After hounding President Trump and his associates for more than two years, the chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Richard Burr told CBS News:

“If we write a report based upon the facts that we have, then we don’t have anything that would suggest there was collusion by the Trump campaign and Russia.”

But Burr’s admission was buried 83 paragraphs into a story titled: Richard Burr on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation, 2 years on. “No Evidence of Russian Collusion Found” wasn’t the headline..

This deception now would now appear to extend to political hack Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) who chairs the HPSCI.

John Solomon picks up the story:

When Schiff was the committee’s ranking member he demanded the recusal of then chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) under the pretense that Nunes had meetings with President Trump’s national security council officials without telling the committee’s other members.

Schiff assailed Nunes’s contacts with a source outside the committee confines as “a dead-of-night excursion” and said it called into question the impartiality of the inquiry because the committee wasn’t informed.

“I believe the public cannot have the necessary confidence that matters involving the president’s campaign or transition team can be objectively investigated or overseen by the chairman,” Schiff said at the time.

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Just looking at this liar makes my skin crawl, it is nice to know there are still Republicans who have enough of a spine to demand justice.


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