SCCY Industries, a 9mm Worth More Than Its Price Tag

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SCCY (Aim pic)

In mid-2012 I was bored and on one of my favorite websites (  I am always curious to see what is new out there in the industry and Aim usually delivers.  I was scanning through the new handguns they had in stock and my eyes caught a handgun I hadn’t heard of, a SCCY CPX-2 9mm.  This Zytel-polymer frame handgun holds 10 rds of 9mm and was only $239 with free shipping (you can still buy them today for around $299).  To say the least, I was curious.

Now a quick history, SCCY was known as SKYY when they started in 2005.  However, the SKYY Vodka folks took issue with the similarity in names, so a compromise was reached and “SKYY Industries” became “SCCY Industries.”  After I saw the SCCY on Aim’s website I decided to see if anyone knew anything about them.  I stumbled across Rich’s review from (The SCCY CPX-2: A Lot Of Gun For The Money) and was very impressed.  He beat this thing up, dropping it on concrete and even shooting Russian steel-cased 9mm through it.  His final review, “great gun for the money.”  All the other reviews I read echoed similar comments.

So, I bought one and I’ve got to tell you, for the cost, this compact, double-action 9mm really delivers.  I’ve shot several hundred rounds through it and not one jam.  HP/FMJ, it handles it all (it does say not to shoot +P rounds in it, so I didn’t).  It’s also accurate and has a lifetime warranty that follows the gun, not the owner.  My only gripe was that some of the edges of the Zytel-polymer frame were pretty sharp and the trigger reset is a little longer than I’d like in a double-action handgun.  A quick flick of the file fixed the sharp edges.  SCCY’s owner told me that the newer models will have more rounded edges and a shorter reset.

I was looking for a low-cost/high quality handgun and I found a low-cost/high quality/very reliable CCW handgun in the SCCY CPX-2.  If you buy one, I know you won’t be disappointed.


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  1. that_was_random كافر says

    buying this for myself for my birthday next month.

  2. piraeye says

    I dumped my LC9 because of long gritty trigger pull and went without a 9mm for months before snapping up the SCCY. Honestly, I have drank the vodka and now shot the gun. I like the gun better.

    While there is quite the selection of vodka on the market the availability of 9mm’s isn’t far behind. It all comes down to a matter of what feels good to you. I found the SCCY CPX-2 to be comfortable, accurate and a good pistol for a day at the range.

    While there were several feed issues at the start everything seemed to smooth out after six or seven magazines. It now feeds and fires flawlessly. If you are looking for an inexpensive (but not cheap) 9mm the SCCY CPX-2 is the way to go. This pistol will be with me everyday.

  3. [email protected] says

    I have read on several gun dealers blogs that the customer service is not very good, and that a lot of the SCCY guns have been returned for broken guide rods. Some dealers are now refusing to sell them.

  4. photonblaster says

    Thanks for the info.

  5. SNuss says

    You might want to look at Hi-Point guns, U.S. made, inexpensive, with a life-time warranty.

    1. Joe Farthing III says

      Hi-Point makes really nice boat anchors! ; )

      1. Skeletor X says

        You have obviously never tried one.

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