Saudi Man in Hotel With Rifle Overlooking Women’s March in Indianapolis: In Country Illegally

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A Saudi man in the US illegal is facing charges and deportation for weapons offences involving multiple incidents involving six handguns and a modified rifle.

He is currently being held in Marion County, Indiana.

Ahmed Alaklouk

According to federal court documents, Ahmed Alaklouk:

  • Is a native of Tunisian
  • A citizen of Saudi Arabia
  • Has been living in illegally in Indiana on a student visa that has since been terminated.

Previous Run-Ins With The Law

Alaklouk, as an illegal, is prohibited by federal law from the possession of firearms or ammunition. In January 2018, he was found with weapons by police on two separate occasions.

‘Fully Tricked Out’ Rifle

Police were called by the Hyatt Regency hotel in downtown Indianapolis after they noticed several firearms in Alaklouk’s truck. Police report that of the six hand guns and rifle, the rifle had been modified with an additional scope, bipod and bump stock. Alaklouk described it as being “fully tricked out” and said it belonged to his father. At first, police told him to secure the weapons to prevent someone from breaking in and stealing them.

So, he moved the rifle to the back seat. Later, hotel security checked on the truck again and found the rifle had been put back in the front passenger seat. Worryingly, Alaklouk’s hotel room overlooked the crowd that would gather later that day to attend the Women’s March. Approximately 3,500 people attended the March.

Monitored By Police

Hotel security and local police removed Ahmed and two other men from the hotel and continued to monitor him at the nearby Medo Tire Shop, which he owns. Reports indicate that he stayed at his business all day.

That’s when Homeland Security stepped in. When they evaulated his immigration status, it was discovered that Ahmed Alaklouk’s student visa has terminated in September of 2017.

Aside from the Women’s March incident, Alaklouk had been investigated for other issues. In the week after the hotel incident, police were called when a fight broke out at his tire shop when a female customer claimed that he had sold her a tire that wouldn’t hold air.

Threatens to Murder Customers

Alaklouk and another employee pulled handguns out on the woman and her father. The woman then retrieved her own gun from her car and fired a bullet into the air.

The woman called police when Alaklouk took out his rifle and threatened to murder the two people. Officers found two pellet guns in the shop and another hand gun at Alaklouk’s residence.

During police questioning Ahmed claimed that he had accepted the rifle in place of money for the work he did on a customer’s car. It was the same rifle he said had belonged to his father.

Right now he has been placed in an immigration detention center in Marion County Jail by the Department of Homeland Security. Authorities are waiting for federal agents to receive a warrant before beginning the deportation process.

Laywer Jennifer Lukemeyer

Alaklouk’s public defender Jennifer Lukemeyer has previously been noted in a 2013 bribery case. After spending five years on a sentence modification for convicted murderer Paula Epperly Willoughby, Marion County Chief Deputy Prosecutor David Wyser was charged with federal bribery. Willoughby’s father had apparently been convinced after phonecalls with Lukemeyer to cut a donation check for Wyser’s GOP nomination campaign for a nearby job as a County Prosecutor. Lukemeyer was never charged.

At this time, Lukemeyer has refused to comment on the case.

Don’t Ban Bump Stocks

During the massacre there was confusion over the weapons being used as people watching the live videos could hear what sounded like automatic fire. Later it was discovered that Stephen Paddock was using a bump stock attachment. Having never heard of bump stocks before, the left and anti-gun right immediately focused on the mechanism for having contributed to the deaths.

We gave a full explanation on bump stocks in October 2017 along with a plea that they should not be banned. Did you know that with a bump stock an AR-15 can fire over 400 rounds per minute?

Sources: Fox News, Indianapolis Star

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    Please DO NOT let this criminal walk !!!!! Keep him locked up and let ICE have him. Let them deal with him. I vote for prison, but the next best thing is send him back where he came from.

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