Saturday Night Live Star Jane Curtin’s New Year Resolution ‘To Make Sure Republican Party Dies’ airs on CNN: Dog Whistle anybody?

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Former Saturday Night Live Conehead Jane Curtain got political on CNN’s New Year’s Eve show, sharing with viewers that her resolution for 2019 was; ” To Make Sure The Republican Party Dies”

Yo Jane: You are proving that Democrat’s are no different than the democrat founded confederacy. Democrats had murderous hatred for Republicans then, and Democrats have murderous hatred for Republicans today. You have not changed. Garret Morris – watch your back..

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Leave it to Trump-hating CNN to include Jane Curtain’s new year’s resolution in their broadcast. She would like to make sure that her political adversary’s party dies? Sure sounds like a ‘dog whistle’ to violence. Will she get called out?

Seems like Dan Aykroyd had it right…at least the ignorant part of his greeting to her on Weekend Update back in the day when SNL was really funny. I’m dating myself. But at least I’m not dating Jane Curtin.

Here’s Dan’s opinion of Jane back when SNL cared about comedy and not politics.

Or did he get it right?

There were plenty of conservatives on Twitter and other social media applauding Ms. Curtin:

“The GOP showed no backbone, platform, morals, dissent, or leadership away from Trump. It’s a chicken and the egg situation. The GOP was already bankrupt, Trump exposed the spineless beast.” – A.S. Piatt

Well, when you look at it that way – maybe Jane has a point. Get it? Point? Conehead? hah? … oh forget it – the real point is that CNN aired the thing and had no problem with it. Tell you the truth I have no problem with it either, but if a conservative said something like this – you know it would be interpreted as a call to violence.

“To Jane Curtain; as a Republican may I offer my new years wish for you. May you become relevant again, may your new year be blessed, and may all you do bring you joy and happiness.” – J. Parker

.. not sure where he’s coming from – but hey, nice job.

“Thank you, Jane Curtin, for stealing my resolution. Let me add: I also hope to eat more vegetables.”

Kind of a slam? I don’t know… Bottom line: She’s just another has-been trying to be relevant. and get the attention of the collectivist overlords in Hollywood.

I’ll take Laraine Newman everytime. She was hot.


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