Sandusky Son Breaks Silence on Family Sexual Abuse

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The son of Jerry Sandusky is now coming forward in the infamous Penn State child sexual abuse scandal, which erupted in 2011 at one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

Sandusky’s buddies and co-workers weren’t the only ones hiding the sociopath’s secret:

sandusky2Sandusky’s wife covered for him while the serial pedophile abused his own children. Their adopted son, Matthew, has agreed to talk about his own victimization in an interview with Oprah, which will air July 17.

Some background:

You remember. Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky raped and molested underage boys on or near university property, ruining untolled lives and putting the University at risk for all sorts of liability. The good ol’ boys’ club had been protecting him, enabling him to perpetrate dozens of sexual assaults over a 15 year period.

Finally he was caught. The entire nation–not just sports fans–gasped collectively as news reports revealed the long kept secret. We shook our heads and dropped our jaws in shock.

Sandusky was indicted on 52 counts of molestation and rape, found guilty on 45 of the counts. The grand jury’s investigation lead to charging high-level school officials with perjury and failure to notify authorities, a.k.a. a cover-up.

sandusky3That ripple effect included school president Graham Spanier being forced to resign, and athletic director Tim Curley and head football coach Joe Paterno being fired. Students were on both sides of the action, with pro-Spanier protesters inciting a riot.

The molestation and rape were many and spanned decades. We’re not talking college athlete victims here. Sandusky founded a “youth charity” called The Second Mile. Young children, possibly extra vulnerable due to economy disadvantages, were targeted for his program. Yes, I said targeted. Clearly, this so-called charity was a pipeline for Sandusky’s exploitation of children as young as eight. Eight! Eight-year-olds are third-graders!

He premeditated a funnel keeping fresh, young innocents walking into his trap. Then he systematically intimidated, fondled, molested and raped them. Imagine, for a minute the confusion the boys felt at first. Then physical pain. Then emotional chaos including embarrassment, shame and anger. . .psychological torture. And his high-profile buddies kept his destructive secret.

Are you sickened yet? Wait, there’s more.

sandusky5Sandusky’s colleagues were not the only ones keeping his dirty criminal secret. Mrs. Sandusky was in on it. She defended her husband, lobbed accusations against his child victims, fully complicit in his crimes. One might even say she was acting as a pimp all those years.

Why do I say that? Because she agreed to adopt six children with him. Maybe that was a way to satisfy something remotely resembling maternal instinct without actually bearing children. That would require having sex with the beast. The wealthy beast.

Why am I retelling this horror story now? Here’s why: It’s not over. Settlements are still being negotiated for many victims. The University is still reeling from the disgrace of being stripped of its championships and monetary penalties amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. Students who participated in a violent riot related to the case are still serving time. What a tangled web he weaved.

Prepare to be mortified again. Sandusky’s wanton behavior as a pedophile included acts against his own children. His adopted son, Matthew, has finally agreed to talk about his own victimization in an interview with Oprah, which will air July 17.

h/t: Huffington Post

In the interview, Matthew — currently married and a father himself — will describe the grooming patterns and routines he endured while being raised by Jerry and Dottie Sandusky.


The Post says Matthew will respond to Dottie Sandusky’s accustions against her husband’s victims and share details on Jerry Sandusky’s nightly ritual.


Matthew had originally been expected to be a defense witness for his father until the trial, when he told investigators that he also had been abused by Jerry Sandusky. At the time of the trial, Matt Sandusky claimed the abuse started when he was 8 years old. He recalled in a police interview that he would pretend to be asleep to avoid being touched.


He since petitioned for a legal name change for himself and his family and was one of 26 people who won a monetary settlement based on the abuse.

Most men don’t legally change their surnames. Even men with a rocky relationship with dad don’t go to that extreme. They only limit their communication and face time. The men who pursue a legal name change are clearly attempting to put distance between themselves and their paternal parent. In Matt Sandusky’s case, who could blame him?

I’m hoping this resurrection of the 2011 nation rocking exposure of a predator named Sandusky will continue to remind all mandatory reporters of abuse to do the right thing–protect children by following through on escalating your suspicions until an investigation is initiated.

THBby T.M. Burroughs


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