Old: Sanctuary Cities for Illegals. New: Sanctuary Counties for Gun Owners

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One county board has voted to direct their employees to ignore laws that interfere with the Second Amendment.

This makes the county into a “sanctuary county” for gun owners. While “sanctuary state” California has directed their employees to ignore any federal laws that deal with illegal immigrants, Effingham County will direct their employees to ignore any state or federal laws that go against the Second Amendment.

Resolution of Support of the Second Amendment.

The Resolution was a part of the Effingham County Board Meeting which took place on April 16th.

The vote to support the second amendment was largely symbolic, says Effingham County State’s Attorney Bryan Kibler, but it still it won 8-1. The county board agreed that they would direct their employees against enforcing any state law that would “unconstitutionally restrict the Second Amendment.” As such, the county is now a “sanctuary” for gun owners.

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But, there will was one member who voted against the resolution because she prefers “common sense” gun control reforms. Karen Luchtefeld spoke with media after the meeting to explain why she had objected to the resolution. She felt that it was inappropriate for her to be responsible for such a decision, and that if people in her area want to seek confirmation on the Second Amendment then they should look to state and federal legislators.

As a part of her argument, Luchtefeld made a comparison between an old school musket that fired three times per minute and the modern magazines on today’s rifles.

The County board meeting was well-attended by members of the public curious to see how the vote would turn out. One person is wearing an NRA hat, and another has a Make America Great Again hat on.

‘Assault Style Weapons’

The meeting was attended by around 70 people from the county, many of whom were looking to speak on the Second Amendment resolution.

One of the people who rose to speak was Mike Sehy, who believes that this may encourage people who use “assault style weapons” to pack up and move to the county, which has seen a slow rise in population over the years.

Using a strange comparison, Sehy said that he recently attended First Communion for one of his grandchildren and said that with this vote, the service could’ve turned into a massacre like what was experienced at Sandy Hook in Connecticut where six adults and 20 children were killed at a school.

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A pediatric physician named Dan Niebrugge said that he felt embarrassment at offering “sanctuary” status to gun owners after giving so much to the county.

In support of the symbolic resolution was John Haslett who brought up that shootings by lawful gun owners are relativity rare. As well, noted Haslett, more people die from legal tobacco and legal alcohol use than are killed by people with legal guns. Haslett said:

“We, as a society, need to stop thinking about things that don’t matter.”

Sheriff Dave Mahon said that since this was a board decision, it would not impact his office or the local police. If the state or federal government passed down what could be seen as interfering with the Second Amendment, Mahon said he would consult with the state’s attorney’s office and the state’s Sheriff’s Association before handing down a decision.

Resolution Protected Against Bills In State Legislature

Recently there have been bills in the Illinois political system that may interfere with the Second Amendment, including one that had just been vetoed by the Republican Governor Bruce Rauner.

A few weeks ago Gov. Rauner vetoed a bill that he said would add an unnecessary and expensive bit of oversight. The bill would have required state licenses for gun shops and was pushed by Democrats.

As well, earlier this month a town north of Chicago illegally banned certain guns and have earned themselves a lawsuit by the NRA and a local gun rights group. Deerfield, Illinois is now demanding that residents hand over ‘assault weapons’ after voting that it was unlawful to own them safely.

Effingham County, Illinois

With just over 34,000 residents comprising 9,300 families, Effingham County is 97.5% white and had been “powerfully” Democratic in its voting history. But, since the rural area is mostly made up of German immigrants, anti-German policies after WW1 drove its Democrat supporters to the Republicans. Since then, Republicans have won every Presidential vote except for 1948 and 1964

Sources: Chicago Tribune, Effingham Daily News


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