Sanctuary City Defunding Bill Coming to the House Floor for a Vote

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One of the greatest travesties of the Obama administration was his flagrant acceptance of sanctuary cities. They are cities that protect criminal illegal aliens from federal intervention. Especially because many have died as a result of the criminal illegal aliens that were allowed to run the streets. Now the House of Representatives is set to vote on two bills that will defund those cities as well as increase the penalties for re-entry.

The first piece of legislation is referred to as “Kate’s Law” and the other defunds sanctuary cities. These bills will be a major win for the Trump administration who promised on the campaign trail that he would work with Congress to pass laws that tighten restrictions on criminal illegal aliens and sanctuary cities.

The first bill is called H.R. 3003, the “No Sanctuary for Criminals Act.” It was sponsored by Republican Representatives Steve King of Iowa, Andy Biggs of Arizona, and Bob Goodlatte of Virginia. The bill focuses primarily on sanctuary cities that are a danger to the United States. It will deny federal law enforcement grants to cities that are defined as sanctuary cities and don’t allow their police to communicate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

The legislation will also protect jurisdictions that comply with federal authorities and their immigration detainers making it impossible to sue them. As well, victims of crimes committed by criminal illegal aliens will be able to take civil action against their attackers. Despite the mainstream liberal media’s distortion of the policy, ICE may only issue detainers if they have set out probable cause guidelines.

Representative Goodlatte told Breitbart News the following,

“For years, the lack of immigration enforcement and the spread of dangerous sanctuary policies have failed the American people and cost too many lives. The deaths of innocent Americans, such as Kate Steinle, Sarah Root, Grant Ronnebeck, and too many others, are tragic. Their deaths are especially devastating since they could have been prevented if our immigration laws had been enforced.”

Dale Wilcox, general counsel and executive director for Immigration Reform Law Institute told Breitbart Texas the following about Goodlatte’s work,

“For Congressman Goodlatte to give police protection from lawsuits, we think is hugely important. Anti-borders lawyers are flooded with money from people like George Soros and others and they routinely sue police departments for ‘violating’ the supposed constitutional rights of illegal aliens. Many of the sheriffs we speak to are constantly worried about these suits due to their budget constraints and the general lack of support they receive from their state and from the federal government. This has to stop.

When Obama sued Arizona for passing pro-enforcement legislation, anti-borders activists said state and local government must follow federal law on immigration. But when it comes to sanctuary policies, they say the exact opposite. It shows they’ll stop at nothing when it comes to erasing America’s borders.”

The second piece of legislation is named after Sarah Root and Grant Ronnebeck who were murdered by criminal illegal aliens who hit them while they were driving drunk. This bill would successfully safeguard American communities by making sure that aliens convicted of violent crimes will not be allowed to be released pending their proceedings concerned to their removal.

In the case of 21-year-old Sarah, her murderer was an illegal alien who was charged with manslaughter but he was able to make bond and escaped the United States. The travesty of her death is that she had been a 4.0 GPA student and had graduated college just one day prior to her killing. Her spine was broken and her skull in two separate places after her attacker was seen driving upwards of 70 miles per hour.

Ronnebeck was working the night shift at a convenience store when he was murdered two years ago in 2015. His murderer was a member of the Sinaloa cartel apart of the Mexican Mafia. He murdered the young man because he wasn’t cashing out Sinaloa fast enough. Sinaloa was able to get out on bond despite having pending deportation proceedings and a criminal felony conviction on his record of burglary and sex crimes.

These bills were placed on the House calendar for possible voting this week, but Representative Goodlatte released a statement regardless saying,

“The House Judiciary Committee is working to improve our nation’s immigration laws and policy, and today I have introduced two, straightforward bills to enhance public safety. The bills crack down on dangerous sanctuary policies that needlessly put innocent lives at risk. They enhance penalties for deported felons who return to the United States and ensure unlawful immigrants convicted of drunk driving, or arrested for other dangerous crimes, are detained during their removal proceedings. We owe it to the families of those who lost loved ones to take action to prevent these horrible crimes. They have waited far too long.”

This is exactly the type of legislation we need to be passed. Murder is unacceptable. But it is even more unacceptable that innocent lives are lost at the hands of individuals who should never have been here, to begin with; especially when they’ve deported multiple times before and have criminal records. These two young individuals blood is on the hands of the Obama administration. But President Trump and the House is rectifying it.

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