San Francisco Is Spending $72 Million A Year Just To Clean Up Poop In Public… and STILL Failing!

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San Francisco has a catastrophic public poop and drug paraphernalia problem. It is everywhere and it is costing the city $72 million to try to keep up with it. They are still failing and there is even an app and a website to track where the feces is on the city sidewalks and parks.

$72 million dollars is not near enough to clean up the mess.

The city’s 311 call center clocked 5,874 calls reporting waste on the streets and sidewalks in the first three months of the year. That is a 7% increase over the same time period last year.

Since just 2011, there have been almost 140,000 reported instances of human fecal matter on city streets.

“Poop is poop, and we clean it up as fast as we can,” San Francisco Public Works spokeswoman Rachel Gordon said.

Yes, but Rachel, not everywhere has this problem. Cleaning it up is not the solution. Getting rid of the failed solutions that created the crisis is the answer. You cannot just spend the rest of eternity cleaning up poop!

California has the highest homeless population in the country. That is Sacramento’s fault. The California economy is very ill. That is Sacramento’s fault!

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And homelessness has been decreasing in San Francisco some, and drug use and paraphernalia as well.

The poop is still growing!

The Daily Wire expands:

San Francisco is facing a unique development in the feces problem: homelessness appears to be abating and the tent cities responsible for most of the filth seem to be thinning out, thanks to new city efforts at housing at-risk populations in public buildings. “Tent camps” have shrunk by at least 10%.

The change has had some effect on how much drug paraphernalia — especially used and discarded needles — can be found on San Francisco’s sidewalks, but it’s has had no effect whatsoever on the feces problem. In fact, the Chronicle says, the poop issue has only gotten worse.

“The city’s 311 call center clocked 5,874 calls reporting waste on the streets and sidewalks in the first three months of the year — about 65 calls a day — a 7% increase over the same time period last year,” the Chronicle reported.

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San Francisco’s official “Poop Patrol” puts in a lot of work trying to keep the streets and sidewalks feces-free. Seven days a week, crews are on site, cleaning up around tent cities, identifying and neutralizing potential biohazards, and then manually sweeping streets and alleyways. In the Tenderloin alone, crews sweep twice per day manually, sweep once per day with a street sweeper, empty garbage cans three times per day, and staff clean “Pit Stop” public toilet facilities “daily until 8pm.”

‘The dawn-to-dusk work represents a $32 million increase in street-cleaning spending since fiscal 2013-2014, an increase of over $6 million a year. And the city expects to spend at least $72 million next year,” 

Leftist policies destroyed California… and Illinois.

The wealth gap in California is skyrocketing as is homelessness!

California is falling apart! That is why, 53% of California Wants To LEAVE the State in the Near Future!

Jobs, businesses and citizens are fleeing in droves in a mass exodus!

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California was declared the poverty capital of the US!

The once Golden State was named the #1 state for the ‘Worst Quality Of Life’!

The same is going on in Illinois! The people are fleeing in droves! New York! The same!

And now we have over 20 Democrat candidates that want to install the EXACT same California and San Francisco policies nationwide! No thank you!

And speaking of nationwide…

How much it would cost to clean up the 💩 show in the US Capitol.

Asking for a friend…



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