Sad: Watch Students React to Old Obama SOTU Quotes They Believe Are Trump Quotes

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Last week a viral video circulated showing college students reacting negatively to President Trump’s State of the Union speech, before it even happened. They called the speech “offensive” and “ridiculous.” They lied about watching the speech, that hadn’t even happened yet, with such confidence and ease, it was actually a little scary! These are our future leaders? It was yet another example of the clueless nature of of most millennials when it comes to politics. It demonstrated that their entire political philosophy can be summed up in one sentence “Like, Trump totally sucks.”

After the State of the Union speech, which was widely regarded as a success with YUGE poll numbers, Campus Reform set out to get the millennial reaction. However, they gave their interview a bit of a twist. Instead of asking for reactions to Trump’s statements, they used old quotes from Obama’s State of the Union speeches, but attributed the quotes to Trump.

What happened should not surprise you. The students showed how utterly clueless they are and were not exactly happy to find out they had been duped!

H/T Fox News

Did college students give President Trump’s State of the Union address a fair chance?

Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips talked to students at New York City’s John Jay College, reading them quotes from Trump’s address.

What the students didn’t know was that the lines were actually taken from some of former President Barack Obama’s addresses.

The students were given quotes (from Obama) about going after ISIS and countering China on trade. But most were opposed to the ideas when they thought they were coming from Trump.

“He doesn’t think before speaking,” one responded.

“The way he approaches things is very aggressive,” another argued.

“He should mind his own business and focus on America,” a student said.

Phillips said on “Fox & Friends” it appears many students are just “committed” to being against Trump no matter what.

“They were quite shocked [when told the quotes were from Obama],” he explained, recalling one student even threatened to beat him up.

Phillips previously discussed the State of the Union address with NYU students, who came out against the speech even though it hadn’t happened yet.

He said students face consequences on liberal-leaning campuses if they support Trump, including socially, in the classroom and even through violence.

“Students should be able to have a discussion about what the issues are and not feel pressured one way or the other,” said Phillips.

Here is a link to the full video.

The internet is filled with examples of the ignorance of today’s college student’s completely unfounded hate for Trump. Here is one at George Washington University, a highly selective school, that shows how much they absolutely love Trump’s tax plan, but only when they think it is Bernie Sanders’ tax plan. Many of the ideas in the tax plan were touted as “common sense” when attributed to their hero Bernie! The ignorance is staggering.

Clearly the bias against Trump is very widespread. The MSM does their best to help instill the idea that everything Donald Trump says or does is bad. No matter how bipartisan or universal an idea is, if Trump is for it, you must be against it. Democrats certainly cemented that idea with their reactions at the State of the Union. Lowest unemployment level ever for black and Hispanic communities? Democrats sat on their hands. What a great example about unity to show to young people who are so new to politics.

Why they hate against Trump? Usually the reason is simply, racism. Even when it makes no sense. Because, racism. Of course the claim is built on nothing, but unfortunately if you hear something enough times, you will start to believe it.

If you are attending or sending students to college right now, you really need to be aware of the straight up brainwashing that is going on at campuses everywhere. Liberal professors are having an incredible influence over students as they are often their first real source of political indoctrination! When students go away to college without a firm political belief system, it is easy for these professors to spew their socialist agenda and have students, who look up to them, eat it up.

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