Roseanne Just Premiered Her Reboot Season, Ratings Rocked!

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Roseanne, the ABC comedy starring Roseanne Barr returns nearly three decades after its original premiere, averaging a whopping 18.1 million viewers in it’s first reboot episode.

Roseanne Barr, one of the few outspoken supporters of President Donald Trump in the entertainment world, made a triumphant return to primetime television with a reboot of her classic sitcom Roseanne this week — and a character that speaks for a whole lot of the country when it comes to the president.

And judging by the viewing audience of Roseanne, she won by a landslide.

Here’s a clip from Roseanne:

“That’s an incredibly strong start for the sitcom, thus far only committed to nine episodes,” The Hollywood Reporter noted.

Roseanne supports TRUMP not only on show, but in the real world.

It’s particularly strong, given the hostility the Republican president generally receives in television entertainment. Barr’s character on Roseanne supports Trump as strongly on the show as the actress does in real life.

Roseanne boasts a range of characters who don’t agree politically, of course, and the grandson who likes to wear dresses might be a little off-putting. But just having a character in the lead role being a staunch Trump supporter is a lot more reflective of American reality than the knee-jerk anti-Republican attitudes of the rest of entertainment programming.

Roseanne – “It’s about everything in our country…”

As Barr told an interviewer for The New York Times, “It’s about everything in our country. It’s about opioids and health care. How we deal with whole new issues that we didn’t even have before, like gender-fluid kids. How working-class people – how and why they elected Trump.”

For a show that’s appearing on the same network that canceled Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” last year, that’s a breath of fresh air.

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Or, as a review by the entertainment website Vulture put it:

“The fact that a character on a 2018 sitcom can be pro-Trump and supportive of an LGBTQ middle schooler may seem like a contradiction. But this new Roseanne exists for just that reason: to point out that such contradictions can and do exist in this country.”

Trump voters understand that – and have understood that for a long time. Conservatives are pretty good at handling reality, after all. It’s just the Hollywood-media-Democrat complex that doesn’t really understand how America works.  


Of course, not all the reviews were positive. Some liberals hated it. Some social media commenters who appeared to be Trump supporters weren’t thrilled with the characters of the cross-dressing grandson or Roseanne’s liberal sister, but that’s to be expected.
And there’s the big question of whether the huge viewership for the show’s debut Tuesday night was just a function of curiosity about the return of the sitcom Roseanne after a 20-year absence from a regular primetime slot. Will the show stay a hit after the curiosity wears off?
How the reboot of Roseanne plays out is anyone’s guess. But for the moment, Barr has proven that an outspoken Trump supporter can score a major hit even in the unfriendly confines of liberal network television.


I don’t know about you, but SERIOUSLY are there that many good programs on TV anyway? I don’t think so. If there were, young kids wouldn’t be flocking to Hulu, Netflix or Roku.

Although it seems that Roseanne is among a wave of recent reboots on TV recently which include ‘Murphy Brown’, ‘Magnum P.I.,’ and ‘Fuller House’ to name just a few.

ABC announced the revival of Roseanne last summer saying they would bring back the original cast, including both Beckys, played by Lecy Goranson and Sarah Chalke, who appear in the revival as different characters.

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Americans on Tuesday night were reintroduced to the reboot of Roseanne and the Conners, a blue collar family living in the fictional Illinois town of Lanford.  It looks like viewers will enjoy seeing Roseanne Barr, a Donald Trump supporter, spar with her sister Jackie Harris, played by Laurie Metcalf, who’s a Hillary Clinton supporter.


The Trump-Clinton opposition just might prove to be entertaining once again. As it certainly was in the debates. Besides there’s really not much on TV to write home about.

Speaking of Roseanne…not only does she have quite a TV following, but she has quite a following on Twitter as well.

Roseanne has 497,000 followers on Twitter. She could be just as entertaining as Trump. Who knows? However, Roseanne was pretty grateful for her fans!

I am so greatful to the fans of the Roseanne show for giving it a good Premiere rating. You are all wonderful-here is to making America laugh & talk again! LOVE U

Roseanne added:

i am so happy-I left Hawaii last June to go to work to write the Roseanne shows-I worked hard thru bronchitis, missing my grandkids & a bum knee & U guys made it all worth it! thanks so very much!

Roseanne even gave a shout out from John Goodman too!

text from john goodman whois on a plane today:’HURRAY FOR THE CONNORS!’

Looks like not only do Americans like seeing Trump’s tweets, they like watching Roseanne’s pro-Trump views and comments as well.


Will the reboot of Roseanne last longer than the original? Only time will tell. Let us know what you think in the comments.



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