Roseanne Barr Calls #MeToo Founders ‘Hos’ And Says Kamala Harris Slept Her Way To The Bottom

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Conservative Candace Owens interviewed Roseanne Barr and it was a wild, off-the-rails ride. Barr called the originators of the #MeToo movement “hos” and attacked Sen. Kamala Harris, Christine Blasey Ford, and many other women. She ripped them all and it was something to behold. Barr took no prisoners. Owens also directs communications for the young conservative group Turning Point USA.

“They’re pretending that they didn’t go to trade sexual favors for money,” Barr says, rhetorically asking why some women find themselves in men’s hotel rooms at 3 a.m. Owens replied by pointing to the women who accused comedian Louis C.K. of sexual misconduct. Barr replied, “That’s who I’m talking about, too.” She continued mocking Hollywood women by saying they stayed around in the hotel rooms because they thought they were going to get a job.

Barr then proclaimed, “Well you ain’t nothing but a ho. I know a ho when I see one.” Hard to argue with that after what she’s been through. She was kicked off her own show last May by liberal producers after posting a tweet that was taken as racist concerning former President Barack Obama’s adviser Valerie Jarrett.

In her interview with Owens, Barr doesn’t hold back in the least in discussing race, religion, politics, and Hollywood. Let’s just say it’s colorful. Remember that the leaders of the #MeToo movement have been called anti-Semitic for their views and actions.

Barr tore into Kamala Harris, the California Democrat who’s running for president. “Look at Kamala Harris, who I call Kama Sutra Harris,” Barr snarked, pointing to her previous adulterous relationship with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. “We all know what she did… she slept her way to the bottom,” the comedian says, drawing agreement from Owens.

Then Barr turned to Christine Blasey Ford who infamously and falsely accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of a decades-old sexual assault. She said Ford “should be in prison.” “White women privilege” is the only thing that kept the accuser out of jail, Barr stated.

Next up were freshman Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI). Both are anti-Semites. Barr said, “It’s scary that we have Hamas in our Congress,” referencing the Palestinian terror group. Both women are Muslim.

Candace stated that Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) openly “hate[s] Jews.” Barr is Jewish and has no use for Ocasio-Cortez. Over a week ago, the comedian took aim at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal and called her a ‘bug-eyed b***h’ in a rant.

From the Daily Mail:

“In a video titled ‘Bug-eyed b***hes’, the former sitcom actress unleashed a torrent of abuse at the Democratic firebrand. Barr also discussed a variety of issues including the environment, immigration, and Israel.

“During the video, Barr was seemingly unable to recall Ocasio-Cortez’s name but had a lot of opinions to share about the ‘Farrakhan loving b***h’ who ‘looks like a realtor’ and her ‘green new deal’ in particular.

“Barr criticized the freshman congresswoman’s plan to counter climate change and claims it would ‘put hundreds of people out of work and decimate communities’.

“‘She got paid to do that — paid to decimate communities,’ the former sitcom star blasted. ‘Because they breathe carbon in their air or some horse s***.’

“Barr declared that such an outcome was a natural result of ‘socialism,’ calling the economic system a ‘fake f***ing con’ and ‘Ponzi scheme’.

“‘Lefty dumb-asses,’ Barr added, seemingly referencing Ocasio-Cortez’s large following. ‘Dumb as they get.'”

From Fox News:

“The crazed comedian tells Owens that she supports the interviewer’s “Blexit” movement encouraging black people to leave the Democratic Party.

“I support Blexit cause I know that that really is the linchpin of the whole thing. You call it the plantation — I love that,” Barr says.

“I call it Egypt because I’m Jewish. It’s leaving Egypt and getting free of Pharaoh. For all the African-American people I know who are Blexiting, I say to them, ‘Please take two Jews with you.’”

“Barr, who played a strong supporter of President Trump in her short-lived reboot, also bashes some former friends in Hollywood.

“When I went to bat for Sandra [Bernhard], Kathy [Griffin] and Sara [Gilbert] to get them on TV — because I gave them all their TV jobs… you know what people at the networks told me? Those girls are too ugly to go on TV,” Barr recalls.

“And I said this is so incredibly sexist. Look at me, I’m no beauty. You can’t take talent, for a woman, and reduce it to their facial flaws. Are you sh—ing me?”

“She’s changed her mind since becoming a Hollywood outcast.

“Nowadays, I’m like, you’re right. They are too ugly to be on TV,” Barr concludes, saying her colleagues have “ugliness inside.”’

It never gets boring with Roseanne Barr and you never wonder where she stands. That would no longer be in Hollywood, but in Israel.

Sources: Fox News, The Daily Mail, Hollywood Life, TMZ,

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