Roofing Contractor Leaves Job Half-Done When He Finds Out What The Business Sells!

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Providing services to people and businesses that are against your personal convictions is a tough decision. When you are a small business, trying to make a living, I am sure it’s tempting to bake that cake, take those pictures, or host that event. That’s why it’s so impressive to me when businesses put their convictions before the almighty dollar.

A Wichita, Kansas abortion facility needed roofing work to be done. Using the true identity of their business was keeping contractors away. So instead, they secured a roofer under the guise that he would be working on the roof of a real estate business. Once the roofer was told the true nature of the business, he pulled off the job.

Worse yet, this contractor had already started the job because he was deceived about the true identity of his client. Thus, he wasted not only his time but the cost of his materials to follow his beliefs and abandon the job.

H/T Lifenews

“A contractor has walked off a roofing job at South Wind Women’s Center, an abortion facility in Wichita, Kansas, leaving the installation of a new roof only half completed after it learned it had been deceived into thinking it was working on a real estate business.

South Wind’s owner and administrator, Julie Burkhart, sought the services of Farha Roofing under the guise of Kellogg, LLC, while concealing the fact the building was actually an abortion facility. It was only after Farha Roofing began the job on the leaky, flat-roofed building that they found out the true nature of Burkhart’s business, thanks to Mark Gietzen and the Kansas Coalition for Life (KCFL).

“Farha Roofing was slow to comply with our request, but they eventually pulled off the job, leaving it half-done, and have not been back since,” Gietzen said yesterday in a written statement. He thanked all pro-life supporters who called the company to complain.

White-edged portions of the roof were the only parts completed, including the area over the garage. However, the clinic portion of the roof still showed the original brown trim, indicating that none of the patient-used portion of the building had been re-roofed.

The roofing contractor left what appeared to be foam insulation material stacked on pallets in the parking lot.

It may be a long time before any more work is done. South Wind has had difficulty finding anyone in Wichita to work on their building and have had to go out of town — and even out of state — for some venders, such as plumbers and electricians.

“The message is loud and clear. The people of Wichita do not want an abortion facility operating in their city,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, which is based in Wichita and often partners with the KCFL.

Gietzen plans to send letters to all area businesses warning them of Burkhart’s use of deception to trick contractors into servicing her South Wind Women’s Center abortion facility.”

Maybe if you have to lie about the true nature of your business to get a contractor to step foot on your property, you should get a clue and realize you are doing something truly wrong.

Recently many conservative businesses have come under attack for refusing to do business when the job conflicts with their religious beliefs. Liberals today give a pass to businesses who refuse to do business with conservatives, but chastise conservatives or Christians who act according to their beliefs.

Christian bakers and photographers often make the news, being called bigoted and worse for their refusal to provide services to the LGBT community. But when fashion industry leaders refuse to design clothing for the first lady, well, that’s different! The hypocrisy from the left never ends.

Abortion kills over 900,000 unborn babies per year. It is treated simply as another form of birth control. Abortion centers like these are nothing more than businesses that prey on vulnerable women who find themselves in desperate circumstances.  If you don’t support abortion, there is no reason you have to take a job that helps an abortion business. I applaud Mr. Farha for realizing that this building doesn’t need repair, it needs to be demolished.

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