Rolling Thunder Says Bikers Will Descend On Washington If ‘Arrogant Little B***h’ Pelosi Impeaches Trump

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Artie Muller, 74, who served as a U.S. Army sergeant in the Vietnam War and is Rolling Thunder’s co-founder, is taking a stand against Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic minions who are threatening President Trump with impeachment. Rolling Thunder is an annual military event that features hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists traveling to DC to call for full accountability for prisoners of war and missing in action service members.

Muller promised that the entire membership would arrive in the nation’s capital if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whom he called an “arrogant little b****,” decides to try to impeach President Trump. Good for them… and Americans would overwhelmingly support them. ‘Let’s Roll!’ would be back in vogue and fast.

Muller spoke at the National Mall on Monday and flatly stated that Pelosi should be ousted from Congress for the series of investigations she is involved with. He also said, “I would like to see Nancy Pelosi and her hypocrites work on the POW issue instead of bulls***ting [and] aggravating the President of the United States, who’s doing a fantastic job.” He added, “When the hell are they going to wake up? It’s not their children, their mothers, their fathers that are left behind in the POW camps.”

From The Daily Wire:

“The Washington Examiner noted, “The numbers involved in a pro-Trump rally could be large. More than 1 million bikers are believed to have traveled to D.C. for this year’s Rolling Thunder rally. And infrequent, unrelated biker activism has drawn large numbers, including a 2013 ride that brought thousands of bikers to counterprotest a 9/11 event originally billed as the Million Muslim March.”

“Muller also commented on the rumor that Trump had stormed out of a meeting with Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer last week, saying, “He walks out of a meeting with Nancy Pelosi not because he’s had a hissy fit like she said. [It’s] because he’s tired of putting up with her bulls**t … We should look at her and her family background. I have to look at it myself because somebody told me her family background. They’re all a bunch of damn thieves. Let’s investigate Nancy Pelosi and throw her the hell out of Congress.”

“Last November, Rolling Thunder decided to end their annual Memorial Day event in Washington D.C. after a disagreement with Pentagon officials over parking issues. Instead, the group decided to fragment the event into various local events next year.

“Rolling Thunder’s first ride was to the Vietnam War Memorial in 1987. It was inspired after Ray Manzo, a former United States Marine Corps Corporal, discovered that American servicemen had allegedly been abandoned in Southeast Asia after the Vietnam War was over. Manzo drafted a letter to motorcycling publications; Sgt. Major John Holland, 1st Sgt. Walt Sides, and Sgt. Ted Sampley joined him to found the group. Sampley’s colleague, Bob Schmitt, was looking at the Memorial Bridge, imagining the motorcycles going across it, and stated, “It will be like the sound of rolling thunder coming across the bridge.” Thus the name of the group was born.

“On Memorial Day 1988, 2,500 men and women made the trip to Washington D.C.; by 2018, 500,000 motorcyclists reportedly made it there.”

It’s about time someone had the stones to call out Pelosi and yes, her family lineage is full of gangsters and thieves. Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and the lot of them should all be behind bars for crimes that span decades. And they should never have held office in the first place due to criminal connections and the fact they are Marxists.

Sadly, Rolling Thunder has decided to end their massive yearly gathering in Washington, DC on Memorial Day but that won’t stop them from making strong statements about what is going on in this country. If Pelosi does back impeachment, it won’t just be Rolling Thunder bikers showing up either… millions of Americans will join them in DC to be heard over it.

Sources: The Daily Wire, The Washington Examiner, Townhall, The Daily Mail

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