Roger Stone Fires Counterattack Against Robert Mueller In Court, Files Motion Forcing Special Council to Prove he Did Not Collude With CNN

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Former Trump adviser and political firebrand Roger Stone has filed a motion in court requesting a federal judge force Special Counsel Robert Mueller to prove he and his office were not involved in leaking information to CNN before the January 25 early morning raid on his home and arrest.

In a nutshell: Robert Mueller must prove he didn’t tip off CNN for their cameras that Stone was going to be raided and rounded up SWAT-team styled in the pre-dawn hours. Witch hunt anyone?

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Breitbart News reports that since his arrest, Stone has contended CNN was given notice of his arrest ahead of time. The filing states a CNN camera crew began camping outside Stone’s Fort Lauderdale, Flordia residence at 4:58 a.m. EST. The FBI arrested Stone at 6:06 a.m. EST, after which a CNN journalist contacted the political operative’s lawyer and texted over a “draft copy of the still sealed indictment” at 6:22 a.m. EST.

CNN claimed that their reporters had the “instinct” to go to Stone’s house before the sun even came up on the morning he was arrested, denying with vigor allegations that they were tipped off.

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“[FBI agents] walked me out in the middle of the street to make sure the CNN camera could get great footage of the whole thing. The street was sealed off, so how CNN had a camera right outside the door; that’s very hard to understand, because nobody else was allowed on the street,” Stone explained of his arrest during an interview with Breitbart News Daily host Alex Marlow.

Stone’s legal team argues CNN showed it a draft copy of the indictment, stamped without a PACER, after their client’s arrest, suggesting the document had been released prematurely. “A person with privileged access to a ‘draft’ of Roger Stone’s Indictment, identical to that which had been filed under seal … had — in violation of the Court’s Order — publicly distributed the Indictment prior to its release from the sealing ordered by the Court.”

Mueller’s office declined comment on Stone’s complaint when contacted by Politico, who said CNN’s reporting relied on a number of factors: The special counsel’s team had blocked off Jan. 25, the day of the arrest, while scheduling a court hearing for another case. Stone’s indictment had also been seen as a looming inevitability, and CNN said it pieced two and two together and deduced that could be the day of the arrest.

In emails and Instagram posts, Stone and his wife, Nydia, have characterized the early morning raid as an excessive use of force, equating the experience to the captures of Osama bin Laden and Pablo Escobar.

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker called the raid “deeply concerning to me as to how CNN found out about that” during a testimony to the House Judiciary Committee. But Whitaker said at the time he didn’t have evidence the media was tipped off.

Stone’s request for a deeper dive into Mueller’s interactions with the media comes as the former Washington “dirty trickster” continues to speak publicly about his case and the Mueller team tries to silence him. U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson is expected to soon issue a decision on whether to impose a gag order to stop Stone, his attorneys and Mueller’s prosecutors from speaking about the details of the case, getting around Stone’s defense that he makes a living offering commentary.

On Wednesday, Jackson granted permission for one of the key figures in the Stone indictment — Jerome Corsi, a conspiracy theorist and former associate — to file a friend of the court brief supporting a gag order.

So the Senate has found no collusion, the House has found no collusion, but Stone may have found collusion.

… To be continued…

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