Rob Reiner Claims White Evangelicals And White Supremacists Made A Pact With Putin To Defend Trump

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It’s official… producer and actor Rob Reiner (aka Meathead) needs an intervention. His Trump Derangement Syndrome is simply off the charts. I think he spends most of his waking hours on Twitter thinking up stuff to smear President Trump and his followers with. It’s pathetic. It makes the “Meathead” character he played in “All in the Family” look like a rational scholar instead of the liberal hippie he was and still is.

Saturday he went on a Twitter tirade against the president and white evangelicals who back him, claiming that they joined with white supremacists to make a pact with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Give us all a freaking break already. “Every elected Republican knows that this President is guilty of countless Impeachable offenses,” he tweeted. “But they, along with many White Evangelicals & White Supremacists have made a pact with Putin. But unlike a pact with the Devil, this one can be unsigned.”

From Breitbart:

“Of course the Bucket List director has called President Trump and his supporters racists before.

“In July, Reiner said “The President of the United States is a racist. He’s made it abundantly clear his re-election is based on white nationalism. If you support him, there can be no distinction between you being a racist and a racist enabler. They are the same.”

“Just a day before belting out his “pact with Putin” tweet, Reiner addressed his social media followers, saying “Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Now back to Impeaching and Removing the most Criminally Corrupt President in US History.”

“And just a day before that missive, Reiner shared with his Twitter followers advice on how to promote impeaching Trump over the Thanksgiving dinner table.

“If someone in your family wants to make Thanksgiving dinner about defending Trump’s high crimes, here’s how you can be prepared,” Rob Reiner said in a tweet that has been deleted. “These are the four key arguments in the case for impeachment and removal. Be ready before you sit.”’

Reiner must be incredibly frustrated that impeaching Trump is not working and the American people see right through this sham. Not only that, but the Republican-controlled Senate will never let the impeachment go through. Why? Because Trump has done nothing wrong. This is a soft coup attempt by the Democrats and the only way they think they can win in 2020. That has Rob Reiner gnashing his teeth, tearing what’s left of his hair out and howling in communist agony.

What do liberals do when they don’t get their way? They throw the race card like Reiner is doing with a double-dose of Russia thrown in for good measure. And an extra helping of religious bigotry just because.

Reiner’s tweet received over 37,000 likes as of Monday morning, however, those replies at the top of his feed reflect an overwhelming disdain for the “All in the Family” alum’s point of view:

  • “Rob — you need professional help. You have become unhinged with [Trump Derangement Syndrome].”
  • “OK boomer.”
  • “Hahahaha OMG this is hilarious! Keep it up #MAGA2020Landslide #TDS all the way.”
  • “Wow….drugs?”
  • “We understand…too scared to leave it to the voters in 2020?”
  • “Is there a psychiatrist in the House?”
  • “The lights are on but nobody is home, Rob. Chill.”

More from the esteemed Meathead:

  • Last year Reiner blamed the government shutdown on the GOP’s “racism” and added that Republicans are “frightened to death of the browning of America.”
  • Reiner tweeted in 2017 that the “fight to save democracy” fromTrump “is now an all out war.” He added a “treason” hashtag in the tweet focusing on Russian collusion.
  • Reiner also claimed that year that Russian meddling in the election was “the greatest attack on this democracy since 1941” — meaning Japan’s surprise bombing of Pearl Harbor.
  • Just after the election, Reiner called Trump a “moron” and again said the U.S. was now “fighting the last big major battle since the Civil War.”
  • He also told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” months prior to the election that Trump’s campaign success was partly due to “a lot of people who are racists” — which prompted co-host Joe Scarborough to reply, “Oh, my God. Did you just say that?”

Reiner’s latest scree got him roasted on Twitter as it should. He’s trying to rally the leftist troops for this week’s unconstitutional and wholly unfair impeachment proceedings against President Trump. Fail.

If Reiner wants to see someone who is truly an “ill sociopath” and “mentally unstable” he should take a good look in the mirror. In his case, genius and insanity are two sides of the same Marxist coin. Yep, still a Meathead.

Sources: Breitbart, TheBlaze, Fox News, The Washington Examiner

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