Retired General McChrystal Takes Parting Shot at Trump but saved his best comeback for a different President

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Donald Trump lashed back at retired 4-star Army General Stanley McChrystal after he called  the President ‘dishonest and immoral’,  but it pales in comparison to the comeback McChrystal had for former President Barack Obama.

In one of his first 2019 tweets, Trump answered  by reminding everyone that McChrystal was fired “like a dog” by Obama – then quickly retweeted a brutal post by Laura Ingraham:

Followed up by:

But remember that McChrystal has a history of not exactly getting along with or respecting the President’s he’s served at the pleasure of. This is nothing short of hysterical and bears reposting, if nothing else but for some context – because it is true – the media did not like the General when he was bashing the Democrat in the Oval Office:

General Stanley McChrystal was the Commander of US Forces in Afghanistan and he had multiple and frequent – and sometimes public – disagreements on the conduct of the war with his then Commander-in-Chief, President Barack Obama.

At one point McChrystal was called into the Oval Office and he must have known his current high position in his Army career was about to be through, because he was locked, loaded and ready for that conversation.

Even though this account was widely reported less than two days after a Rolling Stone article graphically laid out the bad, bad, bad relationships among senior civilian and military officials in the Afghan campaign, many publications say it never happened and is anecdotal at best.

The problem is, McChrystal himself has never said it didn’t happen. Here is the exchange – it certainly sounds like the General:

When former U.S. Military Commander in Afghanistan, Stanley McChrystal, was called into the Oval Office by Barack Obama, he knew things weren’t going to go well when the President accused him of not supporting him in his political role as President.

“It’s not my job to support you as a politician, Mr. President, it’s my job to support you as Commander-in-Chief,” McChrystal replied, and he handed Obama his resignation.

continued below..

President Obama was not exactly known for having a great relationship with the military at any level or a great approval from the men and women who serve. But he has always been an articulate man with a very sharp wit and excellent sense of humor

Not at all satisfied with accepting McChrystal’s resignation the President made a quick comeback to the 4-star General, saying;

“I bet when I die you’ll be happy to pee on my grave.”

General McCrystal saluted. Then fired: “Mr. President, I always told myself after leaving the Army I’d never stand in line again.

Whether it’s true or not, that’s a nice comeback General.

In all fairness, SNOPES, which is supposedly the omniscient fact-checker thought-police of the Internet (it’s actually a couple sitting in their basement who are wrong for every time they are right) say that it’s a re-purposed “old joke”.

Read it here: STANDING IN LINE:

I’ll say this much: If updating old jokes means you’re not telling the truth – everyone in the world – including Bob Hope – is a liar. And you have to admit – with McCrystal slamming President Trump – the guy is an equal opportunity offender. We salute and repeat:

Nice comeback General..

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