Retired General Calls Obama on the Carpet- for Treason! [WATCH]

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You won’t believe what this Retired General had to say about the Commander in Chief’s actions. This guy has some serious gall, and really, you just gotta love him:

Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Paul E. Vallely stated recently during a radio interview that President Obama should be “arrested for treasonous activities.”

Vallely, while a guest on the Real Side radio program earlier this month, stated above anything else that Obama should be held accountable for his sympathies for the Muslim Brotherhood in particular and his actions regarding the Benghazi tragedy. The retired general said one group that should hold the president’s feet to the fire are high-ranking members of the military.

The program’s host, Joe Messina, asked whether Obama would just replace those military leaders with others who agree with him, as he has done several times in the past.

Vallely responded: “Well then we arrest him for treasonous activities.” He noted that the group he helps lead, the Citizens Commission on Benghazi, counts at least fourteen different actions the president has taken that could be considered treasonous.

The general listed bringing the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood against President el-Sisi in Egypt, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood’s operations in Syria among the acts amounting to treason.Vallely

Wow. truth, truth and more truth. This guy does nothing but call Obama out on lie after lie.I think I just found my new favorite human.

H/T: Western Journalism

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