Reporter: Florida School Shooting Wouldn’t Have Happened If More Babies Were Aborted

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This is just stunningly evil.

Reporter-model Becky Griffin sent out a tweet after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida by Nikolas Cruz that killed 17 people and injured 15. It is the most insensitive, tasteless, vile tweet I have seen on the Internet and that’s saying something.

Griffin may be beautiful, but on the inside, she has no soul: “Woman puts baby up for adoption, he grows up to be a violent young man who will spend the rest of his life in prison for a mass murder. Tell me more about how abortions are wrong. #Florida #ParklandSchoolShooting.”

The best comeback was from Ben Shapiro of course: “Woman puts baby up for adoption, he turns out to be Steve Jobs. Tell me again how abortions are right.”

This is how liberals think and it is why so many conservatives think they are evil. When you can stand on the dead bodies of children and those that defended them and promote abortion and infanticide, you have crossed the point of no return as a human being. Her logic is that if Cruz had been aborted, then the mass shooting would never have occurred. To prevent tragedies such as this, you’d have to abort everyone to do that. More to the point, she seems to be saying that instead of giving children up for adoption, you should opt for murder instead. How sick and twisted is that? Her tweet went viral and the blowback was intense on social media.

The former MTV personality’s tweet was in reference to an Associated Press report that Nikolas and his brother had been living with a family friend after the death of his adoptive parents. She later tweeted, “This drew so much attention by ppl jumping to conclusions like I think adoption is wrong, when all I said was that a woman who was clearly unfit to have a child — did — did NOT raise him — and maybe it could have turned out better if she could have made a CHOICE.” And who is qualified to determine who is unfit to have a child? This woman? Liberals? The government? Communists? What she calls CHOICE is nothing short of murder of the unborn. It’s not a choice to kill, it’s a sin. She actually laughed and sneered at those who were horrified by her comments.

Pro-life activists and pro-choice Twitter users tore the reporter a new one over all this just as they should have. I can’t wrap my head around someone saying something like this, much less a reporter who should at least have a modicum of empathy. She evidently lost that when she lost her soul. This sick reporter then shared a link to a refuted study of how abortions reduce crime. Griffin is beyond sick… she’s a sociopath. This woman is a reporter, has been a model and has worked on the sports scene. She has a distinguished career that means nothing, because she has no moral compass and no humanity left.

Americans are still reeling from the vicious slaughter of these children and adults. So, of course, Griffin felt this was the perfect time to use it as a podium for a wicked political agenda. Cruz is mentally ill and he had been getting psychiatric care and medication which he went off of. He heard demonic voices in his head to kill these people. I bet. But aborting him would not stop the evil in this world. Perhaps if the FBI had done their job and not repeatedly dropped the ball on this, or the uber driver that took him to the school had called it in when he saw the gun case, this could have been stopped. There were so many red flags on this guy over the years that it’s unimaginable no one stopped him. But abortion is not the answer.


So, you murder a baby to stop the murder of children… but how would you ever even know that? According to this woman, just murder all of the innocent and that will fix things. She’s beyond evil – she’s totally corrupted. While Griffin later clarified that she does not oppose adoption and did not mean to insult any adoptees, she continued to assert that some children should be aborted. Again I would ask, how do you determine which ones are worth murdering? All life has value and is blessed… even Cruz. It’s not the act of his birth that should have been stopped, it’s what he did as a human being that should have been halted. There’s a monstrous difference there.


From comes wisdom that Griffin could learn from:

But one thing is clear. Violence against children in the womb cannot be the answer to violence against children outside the womb. We have no way of knowing if a child in the womb will be a revolutionary like Steve Jobs or a violent criminal. What we do know is every human life has value, and every child, born and unborn, deserves to live and grow free from violence.

I’ll leave you with what abortion activist and writer Robyn Marty said about Griffin’s tweet. “Wow. Dear abortion rights supporters – if you are using the fact that the Florida shooter was adopted to promote keeping abortion legal, you are doing it very, VERY wrong.” Killing does not resolve killing, you asshats.

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