Report: Undocumented Criminal Alien Chokes Woman To Death!

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Despite the liberal narrative that “illegal aliens are just average people looking for a better life”  – story after story is released. Time and time again it proves that the issue of illegal immigration is a violent one that poses a serious threat to our security as a nation. President Trump knew that early on, and that is why he has vociferously denounced catch and release policies from the former administration that have allowed violent criminal illegal aliens to roam free.

The worst fears of our citizens have come true again. A recent report indicates an illegal alien from Florida was detained by deputies after he reportedly broke into a woman’s home and tried choking her to death. The suspect is 36-year-old Juan Arteaga-Orozco. He now is facing felony charges of burglary and attempted murder.

During the incident in question, Davenport police of Polk County were called to this woman’s house at 4:06 a.m. on suspicion of burglary. One victim, who was not the woman who was choked, told police that Orozco tried crawling into bed with the female when she was asleep and when she began yelling for help he chased her down the hallway.

When she would not stop he grabbed her neck with both of his hands and yelled,

“Shut up, shut up or I’m going to kill you.”

When Orozco tried fleeing, the victim who screamed tried stopping him, but he got out the front door and fled the home. One victim screamed upon seeing the woman get choked. The victim said she thought she was going to die because the suspect had choked her so hard. WOFL reported that despite the violent nature of the attack that no rape was reported.

Sheriff Grady Judd said,

“This is an example of an immigrant in our country illegally committing serious and violent crimes. He also has a criminal history, and should have been deported after committing his earlier crimes.”

Orozco’s criminal history includes several serious charges. Starting all the way back in 2004, he has been linked to five felony charges and two misdemeanors on various issues. He is in jail without bond and ICE is expected to place him on an indefinite hold with the intention of deporting him. This story is a prime example why President Trump is taking the issue of illegal immigration so seriously.

Despite the fact that liberals would like to pretend illegal immigration is a non-issue. That is a nice stance to have when they live in the safe confines of Washington, D.C. with rod iron 10 ft. fences untouched by the real world where violent crime exists.

In his new budget blueprint, the President has asked the House of Representatives for $44.1 billion to be allocated towards the Department of Homeland Security for the purposes of increasing the number of border agents employed by the federal government. This money would allow the Department to increase their investments into human personnel and advanced technology and aid in hiring 1,000 new Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers and 500 new Customs and Border Patrol agents.

$1.6 billion will be portioned off for the construction of 32 miles of the new border wall the President promises. While $185.9 billion will be sent towards activities of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The President promised. The President delivered. Love him or hate him, he is a man of his word and nobody can deny that if they look at the facts.

Allocating this money towards border security will protect our country in the way it needs protecting. Making America great again means making American safe again and showing the world that our borders are impenetrable. This is the best step in the right direction towards achieving that goal. So that we can live in a world where these violent stories no longer exist.

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