REGULATORY RESET: Idaho Repealed Its ENTIRE State Regulatory Code and the Media Is Silent!

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The state of Idaho has just done the unthinkable! The legislature has deleted all of their state regulatory code, and now will start over. It actually happened because the legislature ended the session in April without passing a rule-reauthorization bill. It is a regulatory reset!

But who cares! Al that matters is that it happened and it is AWESOME!

What a concept. Delete whole portions of overreaching legislation and start all over, only replacing what is really necessary.

The LibertarianRepublic explains:

Something rather remarkable just happened in Idaho. The state legislature opted to—in essence—repeal the entire state regulatory code. The cause may have been dysfunction across legislative chambers, but the result is serendipitous. A new governor is presented with an unprecedented opportunity to repeal an outdated and burdensome regulatory code and replace it with a more streamlined and sensible set of rules. Other states should be paying close attention.

The situation came about due to the somewhat unconventional nature of Idaho’s regulatory process. Each year, the state’s entire existing body of regulations expires unless reauthorized for an additional year by the legislature. In most years, reauthorization happens smoothly, but not this year.

Instead, the legislature wrapped up an acrimonious session in April without passing a rule-reauthorization bill. As a result, come July 1, some 8,200 pages of regulations containing 736 chapters of state rules will expire. Any rules the governor opts to keep will have to be implemented as emergency regulations, and the legislature will consider them anew when it returns next January.

Governor Brad Little, sworn into office in January, already had a nascent red tape cutting effort underway, but the impending regulatory cliff creates some new dynamics. Previously, each rule the governor wanted cut would have had to be justified as a new rulemaking action; now, every regulation that agencies want to keep has to be justified. The burden of proof has switched.

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The new scenario creates multiple touch points when rules could end up on the cutting room floor. First, when regulations expire on July 1, many will not be refiled. Second, the public will have the opportunity to comment on regulations that are resubmitted. In some cases, public hearings are likely to take place, presenting another opportunity to reshape, and cut, some regulations. Finally, when the legislature returns next year, it will need to pass a reauthorization bill for those regulations Governor Little’s administration wants kept. Even more red tape can be trimmed then.

Of course, many regulations serve a justified purpose. The challenge for the Little administration will be to hone in on those rules that add costs disproportionate to any benefits produced, whilst preserving and perhaps even strengthening any rules that are working well.

We live in a world where federal, state, county and municipal regulations have become overbearing. I supported Herman Cain in the 2012 primary because of one statement: “The federal government cannot micromanage!”

Neither can state or local government.

We have to have laws and rules and regulations. I am far from an anarchist! But there needs to be a very good reason for each one of them. We have way to many that are totally unnecessary and overreaching into our liberty and freedom.

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Too many regulations are designed to solve a itsy bitsy teenie weenie problem, and affect the entire population.

One example is the yard sale permit. I hate them. I know, I know…. the guy who wants to have a yard sale every weekend!

How often does that happen? Find a way to deal with it without creating a regulation that effects everyone. You should not have to ‘ask’ the city for permission to sell a few items in your driveway, and you should DEFINITELY not have to pay a fee to do so.

That is one example of a PLETHORA of overreaching regulations that are unnecessary.

Our governments are supposed to be comprised of public SERVANTS, not MASTERS! It is not there to tell us how to live!

Go get em Idaho!

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