Reddit Openly Censoring Trump Supporters

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After two failed attempts to eradicate the high energy subreddit, the_donald, Reddit CEO, Steve Huffman, announced Wednesday that all posts from the_donald are now being censored from Reddit’s r/all page. According to Huffman’s blog, “Posts stickied on r/the_donald will no longer appear in r/all.

redditWith more than 314,000 subscribers, the-donald is one of the largest and most active subreddits on the site. Using “Meme Magic” these red coat wearing centipedes and their frog, Pepe, eviscerated the information chokehold the Left had on the American people. Working together through posts on the_donald, they exposed the depraved corruption that plagues our political system and pieced together many of the controversies that ultimately crippled the Clinton Campaign.Essential to transmitting their findings to the general public, engaging other Reddit users, and growing their community: Reddit’s r/all page.


Earlier this year, Huffman, who holds political views contrary to those espoused on the_donald, altered the r/all page algorithm to suppress the subreddit’s prolific presence. This was done to protect other Reddit users from the ”hate” pouring out of the_donald. Now, only one week after he was exposed for editing posts and comments on the_donald without consent, Huffman is outright censoring the subreddit and quarantining it from the rest of the Reddit community.redditNow, after two failed attempts to silence the political speech of 314,000 Reddit users, Huffman is banning the_donald posts from the r/all page. This essentially cuts the_donald off from the rest of the Reddit community and hinders its subscriber’s ability to share information. The outraged centipedes believe they are being censored and started a petition calling for Huffman’s resignation on

A testament to free speech, it appears that Huffman’s plan has backfired. Sign the petition to support this initiative.

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