REAL WOMEN: #WeShowUp Becomes The COUNTER-MOVEMENT Of The Left’s “Day Without Woman’s” Strike!

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The infamous “Day Without a Woman”’s strike was the plan and pulled off by companies like Planned Parenthood who displayed a mishmash of leftist issues, and told freedom-minded American women that they should cut work to prove how much they are really needed in the workforce. Well, not all women agreed with the agenda of the “Day Without a Woman” strike and decided to have their own counter strike.


While the rest of the left praised the demonstration of women leaving their jobs and refraining from their normal activities during the strike on Wednesday, The company Right2Speak urges women “to continue working, serving, giving, sharing, and loving their communities, their families, and their endeavors.” Toni Anne Dashiell, the Founder of Right2Speak, told USA Today…

“With disproportionate media attention going to the recent Women’s March movement, there is a very important story that is not being told,”

Dashiell continued,

“This is the story of the women in America who have been cast to the side by the spectacle of the extreme far left. We believe all women have the right to speak, the right to participate and the right to express their values without being dismissed.”

Since the original Woman’s anti-Trump March in January, conservative women noticed a bias by the liberal left. Only liberal women were allowed to march and conservative women were barred from participating.

“We don’t feel like the voices on the far left represent all women,” Right2Speak spokeswoman LeeAnn Johnson from Ohio.

“We won’t allow our voices to be drowned out. Instead, we will participate with grace and dignity. The heartland of America often gets ignored, and we’re standing up so that our voice is heard.”

“We are voices of reason and integrity, of both love and liberty,” said Right2Speak member Robin Moore.

“I will fight not just for my voice to be heard, but for the voices of all women who are being marginalized by this far-left movement.”

To find the Right2Speak stories and photos, they are being posted on social media using hashtags #NotMyProtest and #WeShowUp.

The Network of Enlightened Women (NeW) is another group not participating in the “Day Without a Woman” strike. The founder and president of NeW, Karin Agness, wrote an op-ed for Forbes on the Women’s March Movement:

While organized under the banner of a broad ‘Women’s March’ to benefit all women, it is more accurately a progressive women’s effort that excludes millions of women.
The Women’s March movement is less about supporting all women and more about advocating for progressive policy positions on a wide variety of issues, from immigration to the environment. Pro-life women, for example, are not welcome. In January, the organizers of the Women’s March revoked partnership with the New Wave Feminists because the group is pro-life.

Striking from the workplace and society on Wednesday won’t advance women.

If participants in the Women’s March are truly concerned about being behind in the workplace, they could take concrete actions that would immediately be more productive for women. Marchers could mentor junior female colleagues, giving career advice. They could ask to meet with a boss to discuss ways to take on more responsibility and in turn, earn more money. Or they could work an extra 30 minutes.

It’s nice to see the conservative right-wing ladies being represented.

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