Proof that Hillary and the White House OWN the Press

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The State Department and the White House went into overtime panic mode in an effort to shield our treasonous Secretary of State John Kerry from being questioned about Hillary Clinton’s emails in an interview on CBS news Face the Nation. That information has come to light through newly released emails.

The White House communications director wrote to the State Department and said, “Think we can get this done so [Kerry] is not ask about email.”

How could the White House be so confident about that? It might have something to do with the fact that Benjamin Rhodes is President Obama’s deputy national security advisor. His brother David is coincidently the president of CBS news.

You’ll be shocked – shocked – to find out that there was no mention of Hillary Clinton’s email problems during that Face the Nation appearance.

Here’s the email.


I like the response from the State Department, “agree completely and working to crush on my end :)”

A spokesman for CBS News told the Wall Street Journal that there was no agreement with the State Department or White House. In other news, pay no attention to Matthew it’s a great beach day in Ga. and North Carolina.

CBS News is been accused frequently of covering for the Obama administration because of the Rhodes brothers. Needless to say everyone involved denies a cover-up with a big smile on their face. I mean really, who’s going to investigate? George Stephanopoulos?

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