Proof Al Gore Nearly Single-Handedly Has Solved and Reversed Global Warming [VIDEO]

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We now have proof that global warming is no longer a problem. I suppose we should thank Al Gore, maybe.

Algeria and the Sahara Desert are synonymous. When we hear the word “Sahara” a picture popped into her mind, miles and miles, and miles of blowing sand with heat rising up. Virtually no living things. While all that changed this week.

The town in Algeria, known as The Gateway to the Desert, had a snow storm that covered its dusty dunes. This is what residents woke up to earlier this week.


In the summertime, the average highs are around 100°, but it’s average December high temperature is typically around 50°. The snowstorm however was something most of the residents had never seen.

The photographer who took the picture said, “Everyone was stunned to see snow falling in the desert.”

Frankly, I’m not surprised. After all, every time environmentalists have a big convention it snows. I recall a conference in London that got so much snow the airports closed. Environmentalists and their private jets polluting the atmosphere so they could talk in an echo chamber about global warming were frozen out.

Needless to say, environmental purists will ignore snow in the desert because weather patterns have made it impossible for them to talk about “global warming” anymore. Now it’s all about “climate change.” Al Gore even introduced the follow-up to his first fraudulent movie, Inconvenient Truth, at the Sundance Film Festival this year. He didn’t bother to mention that none of the predictions in the first movie came true. But heck, that would be inconvenient.

True believers won’t give up on the idea of man-made climate change. Evidence doesn’t matter, and the fact that more and more scientists are finding no evidence of man-made climate change and none of the prediction models work doesn’t really matter to them. They’re in it for one reason, government funding.

Hopefully Donald Trump will cut the cord so they can go find private funding from people like Al Gore. After all, he’s worth close to $1 billion and he made all of his money on climate change fakery. Hey Al, it’s time to give back.

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