Project Veritas: ABC News Anchor Thinks Jeffrey Epstein Was Killed, ‘A hundred Percent, Yes I Do’

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Talk about a bombshell story. Project Veritas has exposed ABC News anchor Amy Robach’s solid belief that convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was killed in his New York City prison cell while awaiting child sex crime charges. A leaked video published by Project Veritas on Tuesday revealed all this much to the dismay of ABC News.

“So do I think he was killed? A hundred percent, yes I do,” Robach said concerning Epstein. “He made his whole living blackmailing people. There were a lot of men in those planes, a lot of men who visited that island, a lot of powerful men who came into that apartment,” the anchor continued. “And they made it seem as though he made that ‘suicide attempt’ two weeks earlier. But his lawyers claim that he was roughed up by his cellmate around the neck, that was all like to plant the seed,” she says. “That’s why I really believe it. Like really believe it.”

From Breitbart:

“Federal authorities arrested Epstein on child sex crime charges in July and was jailed at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) until his August 10 death. The disgraced financier was found hanging in his prison cell days after he was removed from the prison’s suicide watch.

“However, former New York City medical examiner Dr. Michael Baden made headlines last week for contending Epstein’s autopsy shows more evidence of strangulation than suicide.

“There are multiple — three fractures in the hyoid bone, in the thyroid cartilage that are very unusual for suicide and more indicative of strangulation, homicidal strangulation,” he argued. “There’s evidence here of homicide that should be investigated, to see if it is or isn’t homicide.”

“Project Veritas’s Tuesday video also shows Robach alleging that ABC News killed a bombshell report regarding Epstein, which also implicated former President Bill Clinton and Britain’s Prince Andrew.

“Robach says of the purported report: “I’ve had the story for three years. I’ve had this interview with Virginia Roberts—we would not put it on the air. First of all, I was told, ‘Whose Jeffrey Epstein? No one knows who that is, this is a stupid story.’ Then, the palace found out that we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew and threatened us a million different ways. We were so afraid we wouldn’t be able to interview Kate and Will, that we, that also quashed the story.”

“It was unbelievable what we had. Clinton, we had everything,” she adds.

“In response to the leaked footage, ABC News issued a statement attempting to dismiss Robach’s explosive remarks, claiming the report wasn’t ready for broadcast.

“At the time, not all of our reporting met our standards to air, but we have never stopped investigating the story. Ever since we’ve had a team on this investigation and substantial resources dedicated to it. That work has led to a two-hour documentary and six-part podcast that will air in the new year,” said the network.

“Robach’s rant took place in August 2019, shortly after an NPR report revealed several corporate media outlets, including ABC News, opted against airing damning reports regarding Epstein, says Project Veritas.”

They had that story for three years and suppressed it. Just like NBC did with the Weinstein story. Why am I not surprised?

And if you didn’t think Prince Andrew was guilty before, this should solidify that for you. We already knew Bill Clinton was embroiled in this. Is it any wonder Epstein wound up dead?

Both Robach and ABC News issued statements in response to the leaked video. Robach said the interview didn’t meet ABC News’ editorial standards and that the network never told her to stop pursuing the story. But false stories against Trump, Justice Kavanaugh and the Covington kids did? Also, there’s the whole Kentucky gun range video that was palmed off as attacks against Kurds in Syria. Those evidently met ABC’s ‘standards’.

“As a journalist, as the Epstein story continued to unfold last summer, I was caught in a private moment of frustration,” Robach said in her statement. “I was upset that an important interview I had conducted with Virginia Roberts didn’t air because we could not obtain sufficient corroborating evidence to meet ABC’s editorial standards.” I’m sure she was upset… but to excuse ABC News over it? Horse manure.

ABC News also said it didn’t stop Robach from pursuing the story and claimed the network has been working on a documentary and podcast on Epstein that will come out next year. Extremely weak tea if you ask me.

Robach repeats a prophetic statement purportedly made by Attorney Brad Edwards: “[T]here will come a day when we will realize Jeffrey Epstein was the most prolific pedophile this country has ever known,” and disgustedly Robach states “I had it all three years ago.” And we will all remember that.

As RedState put it: “One has to wonder exactly when three years ago she had the story and whether the fact that it was likely during the election had anything to do with not running the story.” Indeed… they were giving cover to Hillary Clinton. This further proves that ABC is nothing more than a propaganda machine for the left — putting out lies when it benefits the Democrats and covering up news when it hurts them.

James O’Keefe gets stories nobody else does. He exposes truths a lot of people would prefer to keep hidden. And this one is a bombshell.

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