Pro-Life Women Can Not Be Feminist

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Socialist activist Natalia Tylim gave a 20 minute presentation at a New York university stating that ‘abortion is a human right’ and called Trump a ‘rapist.’

She went on to praise students who had counter-protested against pro-life groups during the lecture, which was advertised as a lead-up to a socialism conference to be held in Chicago this July.

Hosted by Syracuse University

Founded in 1870, Syracuse University has over 22,000 students and maintains a relationship with the United Methodist Church.  In 1988, 35 students from the school were on board the Pan Am Flight 103 that was bombed by a terrorist over Lockerbie, Scotland. Everyone on board, including the students, were killed. In recent years Syracuse has been ranked as one of the best ‘party schools’ in the States.

Location of Syracuse University in New York

Speaker Natalia Tylim of the Social Worker’s

According to the magazine she writes for, Natalia Tylim is a ‘socialist activist’ in Brooklyn, New York.

It’s difficult to tell how she is supporting herself, because she seems to write for several far left organizations run by the type of people who think money is beneath them. Wearing overalls, Natalia spoke for over 20 minutes to the crowd in front of a powerpoint presentation.

Event Held March 21st On Campus

The presentation behind her was titled ‘Abortion Should Be Free & Legal: Keep Your Laws Off Our Bodies.’ To begin, she calls Donald Trump the ‘sexist-in-chief’ and explicitly calls him a ‘rapist who is now President.’

Later she remarked that anyone (including women) who is pro-life can’t also be ‘a feminist.’

“This is also why I don’t believe you can be a feminist if you don’t believe in abortion, because if you don’t think a woman has the right to make decisions about her own body when it comes to sexual advances, refusing unwanted sexual advances, carrying a fetus in her womb, or anything else that pertains to her own life and her livelihood, then I think it’s not a real vision of full liberation.”

As she continued, she praised the Syracuse students for their upcoming ‘clinic-defense activism’ that attempted to counter against pro-life activists who ‘intimidate us from having access to our own healthcare services.’

March Against Pro-Life ’40 Days For Life’

The ‘clinic-defense activism’ took place against a ’40 Days For Life’ Lenten-inspired protest recently that attempted to coach women out of seeking abortion. Tylim said that “abortion is a human right” and explained that the upcoming pro-abortion activists looking to escort seeking abortion “through the mobs of bigots” are doing good work.

Stories from the ‘Socialist Worker’

Here are some of the recent stories covered by Miss Tylim’s paper.

Reviving Traditions of Solidarity and StruggleThe paper celebrates the ‘success’ of the teachers union in West Virginia that took almost two weeks off of teaching to go cry for a raise in salaries.

“SINCE THE time of slavery, the U.S. ruling class has been distinguished by its ruthless brutality–including its aggressive response to potential threats of rebellion from below.”

Protesting Gun Fundamentalists on Campus – A piece attacking liberty-oriented groups including Turning Point USA and Young Americans for Liberty, suggesting that TPUSA is the natural expression of ‘dark money.’ The article described a counter protest.

“The right wing is continuing to try to build a presence on college campuses, and they must be confronted. We have to show that the growth of Turning Point USA and similar groups will not be ignored.”

Are social media bots a threat to democracy? – This article argues that ‘fake news’ bots organized by ‘Russian fakesters’ are responsible for the election of Donald Trump. Hilariously even as the socialists scream to blame the Russians, their hate for Hillary Clinton (who stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders) still rings true.

“If the claim that Russian propaganda activity cost the Democrats the election is taken seriously, it reveals either superhuman ability on the part of the Russians or total ineptitude on the part of the Democrats, who failed to defeat Trump despite burning through buckets of money in their attempt to do so.”

Even socialist Marxism abortion lovers think Hillary is trash.

Event Part of Socialism Tour 2018

This event was held as a part of the ‘Socialism Tour 2018,’ which has focused on spreading communism to American cities before their upcoming ‘Socialism Conference’ in Chicago in early July. The conference is billed as a four-day long event to talk about Marxism and “working-class history.” Speakers include former Olympic medalists and authors, and ‘comrades’ can benefit from ‘from’ on-site child care.

Black Power fists from last year’s Socialism Conference.

Students get a half-off rate and yes, there will be ‘all-gender bathrooms’ available.

Natalia Tylim was a featured speaker at last year’s Socialism 2017 conference.

Sources: Campus Reform, Facebook, Socialism Conference

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