Obama Ed.Sec: Children Should Not Attend School Until Stricter Gun Control Passed: Luckily, Their Children Attend Armed Private Schools

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Former Education Czar Arne Duncan sends his kids to the same private school he attended as a boy. But that’s not stopping him from coming out of the woodwork to gravestand on the ten dead from the massacre at a Santa Fe high school to tell parents that they should pull their kids from classes until Congress acts on gun control to protect students.

During the Obama era, 38% of Congressmen had sent their kids to private school. Do you really think that Congress is the right place to go for informed opinions on public school or guns?

Arne Duncan, who is the man responsible for raining Common Core down upon the nation, started in private school before moving on to Harvard, and then to Australia to play basketball before Mayor Daley in Chicago recalled him for a cozy position as CEO as the local school system.

And it was that resume of Harvard, Chicago, and basketball that placed him so highly in the Barack era government.

Duncan Ignores Dead Children, Gets Attention For Himself

As news was pouring in of the students who went on a rampage using sawed-off shotguns and other weapons to murder his classmates on Friday, Democrats and Parkland attention-seekers went on their own spree of lecturing the nation.

On social media, Duncan retweeted this:

“Maybe it’s time for America’s 50 million school parents to simply pull their kids out of school until we have better gun laws.

And called it a “brilliant” idea, asking “what if no children went to school until gun laws changed to keep them safe?”

Then, he pledged that his family would be in it… if everyone else pulled their kids, too. He doesn’t want his to be left behind… but since he kids go to the same pricey, protective private school he attended as a child, I don’t think his kids will be the ones in danger anytime soon.

Arne Duncan

Now at the age of 53 — meaning that he was 45 when he was handed the position of Secretary of Education — Arne Duncan works for an organization looking to fix the gun violence problem in Chicago.

Before becoming the Education Secretary, he went to private school before becoming the CEO of the Chicago Public School system, a position handed to him by Mayor Daley in 2001, when he was 37.

Duncan attended Harvard from 1983-1987 and received a sociology degree before moving to Australia to play professional basketball from 1987-1991. His parents were both educators in Chicago, which is likely why they chose to put their son into private education.

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Congressmen Choosing Private Schools

A study released by the Heritage Foundation in 2009 may be a few years out of date, but it is the most recent report on Congressmen and the school choices they make for their own families.

In 2009, there were only 14 states and Washington itself that offers school vouchers, or similar tax credit programs for education that allowed parents to send their children to private schools over public. Almost every state had attempted to introduce school choice legislation, which is a catch-all term that means government education funding follows the student to their school, instead of giving money to schools and expecting nearby students to attend.

By allowing the money to follow the student, a parent may be able to choose to send their kids to a better school, a little further away, which rewards the schools that try harder to deliver an education.

Vouchers and tax credits also ease the burden for parents whose children are intelligent and hard-working but who would otherwise not have the financial support to attend. In the end, it works better for everyone. Smart students, regardless of background, are able to access the schools best suited to them.

But this means a lot of busing, and it means that if your kid attends a Richie Rich academy he may be forced to share a classroom with poor kids.

According to the Heritage Foundation,

…many Members of Congress who oppose private-school-choice policies for their fellow citizens exercise school choice in their own lives. Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL), the chief architect of the language that threatens to end the OSP, for instance, sends his children to private school and attended private school himself.

Sen. Dick Durbin is still in Congress, and he’s been such a lying liar that we’ve had to dedicate entire articles rounding up his poor grip on the truth.

At the time the report was printed, the Heritage Foundation had been keeping an eye on elected politicians in Washington since 2000. Here’s what they found:

  • 38% of Members of the 111th Congress (2009) sent a child to private school at least once. The 38% represents the fact that 44% of Senators chose private school and 36% of Representatives had done so.
  • 23% of House Education and Labor Committee Members and almost 40% of Senate members on similar committees had sent their kids to private school.

They’re not exactly enamored with the state of public schools, are they?

This was the state of Congress at the time Arne Duncan was the Secretary of Education, a position he held from 2009 to 2015.

Sources: Heritage Foundation, Archive of the Governmental Website of the Department of Education


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