President Trump Will Have His Pick Of 8 Different Walls

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With 2000 miles prepared for the border wall, the Trump team is now looking to crown a winner among the eight different prototypes that started going up in the California desert last September.

The White House opened up bids for the wall in early 2017, and six firms were chosen to build eight walls. Four of the examples are made of concrete, and four are non-concrete.

They range in features from see-through slats that allow Customs and Border Patrol to see through (while allowing small animals free passage) to one with a completely straight up-and-down on the Mexican side.

The Firms, The Walls

The home states of the firms building the walls are Maryland, Alabama, Texas and Arizona. The firm from Maryland, ETLA North America, is an arm of an Israel-based defense company. Their offering is 1/3 concrete with blue metal panels. I’m really looking forward to seeing Trump bust out a sledgehammer and a hard hat and start trying to knock these things down personally.

Trump Visit Planned For March

Donald is scheduled to visit California in a few weeks to both tour the walls and then go on to Los Angeles where he will attend a fundraiser for the Republican National Committee.

Earlier this month, Trump defended Customs and Border Protection at a roundtable where he threatened to cut off foreign aid to countries that were responsible for the people who smuggle drugs into the country. We can expect to hear more about that in the coming weeks, because saving money on aid and charging back the countries that are causing grief is a good way to find money to pay for the wall.

“They’re coming in — they’re pouring in from [all over] — El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, all over.”

Mexican President Is Really Upset

It’s always been “BUILD THE WALL!” and “MAKE MEXICO PAY FOR IT!”

During a recent 50 minute phone call with President Nieto of Mexico, the White House and Mexican officials later confirmed that Nieto was cancelling a visit to Washington. According to these officials, both sides agreed that:

“…now was not the immediate right time for a visit but that they would have their teams continue to talk and work together.”

As well, officials on both sides agreed to:

“…[call] off the plan [for a visit because] Trump would not agree to publicly affirm Mexico’s position that it would not fund construction of a border wall.”

In other words, Trump bullied Nieto so hard about paying for the border wall that Nieto refuses to visit.

White House Releases Border Wall Requirements

Finding specifics on the Wall is difficult to find and is probably only available to the firms that won bids to design and construct the prototypes, but in March of 2017 the White House released the basic requirements for winning designs.

  • The wall must be 30 feet high.
  • The wall must look “imposing” from the Mexican side” and “tasteful” from the American side.
  • Does not necessarily need to be concrete.

At the time, it was reported that around 700 companies were listed as “possible contractors” and had already received backlash from furious hippies.

Any engineering firm with experience in heavy civil construction should be thrilled to be the ones entrusted with building the wall, but so far the pinkos running Berkeley have declared that they will ignore any future bids from the companies that are involved. Which sounds fairly illegal to me — if you’re doing bidding for a city, you should take the lowest bidder. Which is a stupid requirement anyway. But hey, what’s a few bridges and retaining walls in Berkeley compared to making millions of Americans happy?

Major Campaign Promise

“BUILD THE WALL!” was probably the most important thing shouted at all of the Trump rallies. The wall is a symbol for Trump’s presidency, and a symbol for the American people reclaiming control over their country. So, push back from the left and sabotage in Congress from the Democrats has been massive. If Trump doesn’t get the wall started before the next Presidential election, there isn’t much hope he can win a second term.

Even back in 2016, Trump was teasing the documents related to building the wall in photos released on social media.

I still have faith. Don’t let the Democrats get to you. Seven more years!

Sources: Fox News, The Independent, Washington Times

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