President Trump Signs Bibles In Tornado-Hit Alabama And His Outraged Critics Pounce

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President Trump went to tornado-ravaged Lee County, Alabama this week and autographed a handful of Bibles that people brought just for that purpose. His critics proceeded to lose their minds over the gesture. MSNBC could not wait to pounce on Trump for it. Other media outlets followed suit. But Trump was not the first president to sign a Bible and many religious leaders saw nothing wrong with it.

Hershael York, dean of theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, told the AP that Trump probably signed the Bibles because their owners believed his signature was meaningful. “Though we don’t have a national faith, there is faith in our nation, and so it’s not at all surprising that people would have politicians sign their Bibles,” he said. “Those Bibles are meaningful to them and apparently these politicians are, too.”

Joe Watkins, who is a pastor and a former White House aide to President George H.W. Bush, stated he would “not be inclined to sign someone’s holy book.” He did, however, note that the people asking Trump to sign their Bibles did not appear to be bothered by it. That’s how I see it as well. This is a personal issue and President Trump is known for autographing things such as Bibles.

Former Obama White House aide Will Jawando added, “I’m of the opinion that only Jesus should be signing a Bible.” That’s funny because Jesus would never have done such a thing even if he had been present when the Bible was put together. And he’s not here currently – not even in the form of Obama (that’s sarcasm). That statement shows an ignorance of the Christian faith and history.

According to The Daily Caller, “ senior advisor Karine Jean-Pierre argued that the move was unprecedented and even “bizarre,” saying, “I’ve never seen that. I don’t think any of us has ever heard of a president signing a Bible.”’ Then you don’t know history and the fact that several presidents have signed Bibles in the past.

Politico called the move “an unusual gesture.” But it wasn’t. Michelle Malkin noted that Truman, Clinton, Gore, Carter, and Mondale are among the presidents, vice presidents, and candidates who have signed Bibles or Psalms books. And there are pictures.

Bill Leonard, who is the founding dean and professor of divinity emeritus at Wake Forest’s School of Divinity, pointed to the fact that Trump signed the Bibles in a church, not at a political rally.

“It would’ve been worse if he had said no because it would’ve seemed unkind, and this was at least one way he could show his concern along with his visit,” he told the AP. “In this setting, where tragedy has occurred and where he comes for this brief visit, we need to have some grace about that for these folks.”

From Hot Air:

“President Donald Trump signed Bibles for survivors of the Alabama tornado that killed 23 people during a visit of the disaster area on Friday.

“During his visit five days after the storm hit, Trump met with state and leaders and assessed the damage for himself in Beauregard. He also met with the families of tornado victims, including Marshall Lynn Grimes, who died alongside his fiance.

“Prior to being on the ground, Trump took an aerial tour of the devastation after landing at Fort Benning.

“I saw this and it’s hard to believe,” Trump said. “You saw things that you wouldn’t believe.”’

President Trump and the First Lady went to Alabama to comfort those impacted by tornadoes there. It was a gesture of kindness. Leave it to leftists to spin it as evil incarnate. 23 people died there and it meant the world to those people for President Trump to visit them in their hour of need and grief.

I personally wouldn’t ask the president to sign my Bible. But if I had just lost everything I had and the people that I loved, I might rethink that. It was a kind gesture by Trump and Melania. And more importantly, it’s what those people needed after tragedy hit. Who cares what the media and the left think about it.

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