President Trump Mocks Democrats After Embarrassing Mueller Hearings [hilarious video]

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“They are a mess!” was the takeaway from the Mueller testimony for President Trump, who also claims he think they may be “giving up.” ?? What? Robert Mueller had no material to work with and ‘the fakers’ said this was ‘a really bad day for the Democrats.”

I’m going to be quiet now and let you just watch this. Pass it along – right?

Trump Mocks Democrats After EMBARRASSING Mueller Hearings

Donald J. Trump openly mocked the Democrats after today's Mueller hearings as he took questions outside of the White House. Remarking about how the anti-climactic the hearing was Trump said this about the Democrats: "They are devastated."

Posted by Blaze Media on Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Remarking about how the anti-climactic the hearing was Trump said this about the Democrats: “They are devastated.”

Some background:

Watch Jim Jordan Blast Robert Mueller For Dodging Questions On Witch Hunt [VIDEO]

Jordan grilled Robert Mueller about the beginning of the counterintelligence investigation into then-candidate Donald Trump’s connection to the Russians and why the former special counsel didn’t pursue the person whose accusations started it.

The former FBI director frustrated both Republicans and Democrats who struggled to pry any new information out of Mueller. “A lot of things you can’t get into,” a frustrated-sounding Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said after Mueller delivered six variations of “I can’t get into that” responses.

Oops: Mueller Indicts Russian Company That Doesn’t Exist, But Somehow Colludes With Trump:

Robert Mueller tried to prosecute a Russian company that doesn’t exist by dragging a company with a similar name to court.  Mueller’s theory that the Russians funded the election of Donald Trump hit a snag when a Russian group called Concord Management and Consulting was questioned about Concord Catering.

According to Mueller, Concord Catering was responsible for interfering with the 2016 election, but it turns out that the company doesn’t exist and therefore has nothing to do with Concord Management, who are stuck paying massive legal fees to high priced lawyers to clear their names.

Concord Management and Consulting LLC

Concord Management and Consulting is based in St. Petersburg, Russia, and was sanctioned last year by the Treasury Department due to Russia’s military involvement in the regions of Crimea and Ukraine.

The group was indicted in February of this year by the Justice Department for allegedly giving money to the Internet Research Agency, a group that was accused election interference.

The case is presided over by U.S. Magistrate Judge G. Michael Harvey, who has been in his position since 2015. Previously as an attorney, Harvey spent more than seven years prosecuting cases involving espionage, terrorism, unauthorized disclosures of classified information along with cybercrime and threats.

The Russian company is defended by two lawyers, Eric A. Dubelier and Katherine J. Seikaly. Dubelier is focused on international and domestic compliance along with white collar crime, and Seiklay also works in regulatory compliance with a focus on the False Claims Act.

So, Justice Harvey questioned the attorney Eric Dubelier this week, using information provided by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

‘What About Concord Catering? The government makes an allegation that there’s some association. I don’t mean for you to, do you represent them, or not, today? Are we arraigning them as well?”

The Mama Cass Defense

Dubelier responded that he and his partner were not representing Concord Catering:

“And the reason for that, Your Honor, is I think we’re dealing with a situation of the government having indicted the proverbial ham sandwich.

Did Mueller Leak Questions For Trump To Mainstream Media

Almost 50 questions that Special Counsel Robert Mueller wanted to ask Donald Trump has been leaked to the paper. The questions range in scope, but are mostly on the allegations of the fake news that Trump is in any way tied with Russians. The questions, some of which we’ve picked out to list here, are all intended to attempt to catch Donald in admitting that he had obstructed the inquiry into Russia collusion or to admitting that yes, he stole the whole election and that Hillary deserves the White House.

Former Federal Prosecutor says, ‘There is no Doubt That the Obama Administration Spied on the Trump Campaign’ – here’s what it means:

Beto O’Rourke Smears Trump… Claims He’s Guilty Of Russian Collusion After Mueller Report

Desperate, Comey and Brennan Are Now ‘Throwing Each Other Under the Bus’ in CYA Mode


Louie Gohmert: Mueller Should Be Fired From the Russian Collusion Investigation

Nancy Pelosi Warns President Trump Won’t Respect Election Results In 2020 If He Loses By Small Margin

Pelosi went on the record with the New York Times to make her ludicrous claim. I might point out that the Democrats are gearing up their dirty tricks ahead of this election because they know with the radical and weak field of candidates they are pushing, President Trump is likely to stomp them into the political ground as he cruises to a second term. They are doing things such as bypassing the system in various states with bills that say if Trump doesn’t turn over his tax returns he cannot be on the 2020 ballot. That’s unconstitutional.

The Democrats are also pushing state legislation that goes with the ‘national popular vote’ instead of the electoral college. That is also unconstitutional. The left firmly believes that Hillary Clinton was robbed of the presidency because of the electoral college. She wasn’t – in fact, the electoral college is the only thing standing between mob rule and constitutional rule as the founders intended. They wanted all votes to count and not for elections to be determined by socialist watering holes that are the major cities these days.

So you can see the hypocrisy here. It is not President Trump who is contesting anything here. It is the Democrats who are trying to preemptively rig the next presidential election. In the 2018 election for example… there were a number of Democrats who refused to concede. Mirror much? Just because they don’t like Trump does not mean he’s not the legitimate president here. Far from it.

Why The Mueller Report Won’t Matter Much in 2020

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