President Trump Just Signed Healthcare Bill That Ticked Off Planned Parenthood

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On Thursday afternoon President Trump quietly signed a piece of legislation that will be overturning an Obama-era regulation that prohibited states from stripping appropriated funds for family planning services from Planned Parenthood. The progressives of Capitol Hill are not going to be one bit happy with this decision.

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This legislation came about because in his final days in office President Obama issued this regulation that stopped defunding attempts by states for Planned Parenthood services. The White House administration tried arguing that the bill would increase women’s access to various family planning services. But conservatives disagreed because they felt it took away state’s rights to make that decision.

After the President signed the bill Planned Parenthood immediately went to social media outlet Twitter to express their outrage.

In their respective chambers, Republican Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa and Republican Representative Diane Black, both worked together to spearhead this legislation. Ernst released a press release indicating she was very pleased with the President signing the bill saying,

“to ensure that states are not forced to provide entities like Planned Parenthood — the nation’s single largest provider of abortions — with federal Title X dollars. States are closer to, and more familiar with, their health care providers and patients, and therefore, should be able to make their own decisions about the best eligible Title X providers — whether those are hospitals, community health centers, or other types of providers.

The Obama administration’s rule emboldened abortion providers like Planned Parenthood, empowered federal bureaucrats, and silenced our states in the process. Today’s action restores states’ rights over a Washington-knows-best mentality and ensures that states have the ability to identify the best eligible Title X sub-grantees.”

Her colleague Representative Black also released a statement of her own saying,

“This is a historic victory for the pro-life community. It has been an honor to work with Senator Ernst in this critical fight for life. I applaud my colleagues in Congress, as well as Vice President Pence, for advancing our life-affirming resolution to put the American people — not bureaucrats in Washington — back in the driver’s seat, empowering states like Tennessee to steer their Title X funds away from abortion-centric facilities like Planned Parenthood.

With the passage of this legislation, Congress has rolled back the Obama Administration’s parting gift to the abortion industry and affirmed what the majority of Americans know to be true, that all life is sacred and worthy of our protection. By signing this legislation into law, President Trump is sending a strong message that the Trump Administration is a bold defender of life, and middle Tennesseans hear him loud and clear.”

Because of the highly divisive nature of Capitol Hill and the political arena right now, Vice President Pence was once again called in to cast a tie-breaking vote in the Senate. Because Democrats and Republicans were unable to come to an agreement that broke the standstill. Pence did and the legislation passed; it was officially signed into law by the President shortly thereafter.

The issue isn’t even one predominantly about abortion, it is about allowing states to decide on a more local leve,l what is best for them. What is best for the federal government is not necessarily what is best for the individual state. There is no one size fits all mold. That isn’t the way it works, but progressives simply don’t understand that.

They want socialized medicine and this legislation proves that they are never going to get that with a Republican supermajority in Congress, the White House and the Senate.

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