President Trump Just Made A Call To Putin – You’ll Never Guess Why!

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The United States and Russia have a lot of differences, but both countries are united in taking down terrorism. A tragic attack happened on Monday around 2:45 pm a St. Petersburg, Russian. A public transit subway was targeted in a deadly bombing. President Donald Trump personally called President Vladimir Putin to give him his condolences for the victims of the brutal attack, he also promised Putin the “full support” of the United States to help bring punishment to those responsible for the bombing.

On Monday, at a White House press release this statement was read…

“President Trump offered the full support of the United States Government in responding to the attack and bringing those responsible to justice.”  “Both President Trump and President Putin agreed that terrorism must be decisively and quickly defeated.”

Trump’s support to Russia in the wake of the bombing proves that he cares about the victims of terrorism all over the world, not only in the United States.  Reaching out to Russia and Putin evidently after the attack will strengthen the relationship between the two countries. A relationship that could really help the U.S. in the future.

The bomb exploded from inside a metro car as it traveled from the Sennaya Ploshchad and the Tekhnologichesky Institut stations. Officials are calling the bombing a “terrorist attack.” Currently, the 14 are counted dead with at least 50 injured. Investigators believe the detonation of the bomb happened in the third carriage of the subway.

“It has been established that the explosive device could have been activated by a man whose fragmented remains were discovered in the third carriage, during” investigators in a statement.

The remains of the bomber have been identified as 22-year-old Akbarjon Djalilov, he was born in Kyrgyzstan. A second bomb was found at the subway station, but it was undetonated. That bomb contained the DNA of Djalilov further tying him to the attack.

Russian President Putin visited the city on Monday but said it was too early to talk about all the details they have so far of the bombing.

“The causes are not yet clear, and so it’s still early to talk about that, the investigation will show,” Putin told the news. “Naturally, we always consider all options — both domestic and criminal, and above all actions of a terrorist nature.”

Although the bombing attack has been confirmed as a suicide bombing, putting in the category of Islamic terrorism has yet to be determined. Erlan Abyldaev, the Kyrgyz Foreign Minister has not labeled it an attack stemmed from radical Islam.

“Regarding the link with Islamic radicalism, we have to wait to know more until the investigation yields its full results,” Abyldaev said.

Erlan Abyldaev also added to his statement, “Of course the fact that the terror attack happened when the head of the state was in town is food for thought and is subject to analysis by the special services. Any terror attack that happens in the country is an attack on every single Russian citizen, including the head of state”.

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