President Trump Has To Clean Up Obama’s Messes

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Obama’s inability to clean up the sarin gas left in the hands of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad means Trump has a moral responsibility to finish the job before Americans can hand the financial responsibility for the region over to the rich Saudis.

Using Twitter to speak directly to billions of people instead of going on CNN with a speechwriter, Donald Trump is blaming Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin for their broken promise to clean the Syrian government out of their stockpiled chemical weapons after dozens of people north of Damascus were murdered by the Syrian military.

And with the Syrian military, part of the Syrian government under Bashar al-Assad preventing foreign aid organizations from descending on the area, hundreds of people are at risk for brain damage from the use of a weapon that has been under a worldwide ban since 1993.

Bashar al-Assad

Born in 1965, ‘Animal’ Assad has been the President of Syria since the year 2000. He took his education as an eye specialist in London in the early 1990s and later inherited the position of President from his father Hafez al-Assad who was President from 1971-2000. Hafez died suddenly, and his Vice President took over for five weeks before Bashar was declared to be the new leader.

Where is Douma, Syria?

Douma, or Duma is a city in Syria north of Damascus. In 2012, the Syrian Army was accused of committing a massacre in the city that killed more than 50 people. In 2015, the Syrian Army attacked the city with ground missiles that killed at least 50 people. In recent months, it has been the headquarter of the fundamentalist Islamic group called Jaysh al-Islam.

Sarin Gas in Syria

Generally considered to be a weapon of mass destruction, sarin has no smell or color and can cause death within ten minutes of inhalation. People who do not receive a lethal dose can suffer from permanent brain damage. Sarin gas was developed for the Nazis but was not produced in time to be used as a nerve agent. In the 1950s, NATO adopted sarin as a chemical weapon but its production and storage was banned by the UN in 1993.

Sarin has been used in Syria in recent years. In 2013, it was used in to attack Ghouta, an area south of Damascus that killed hundreds of people. Several foreign groups placed the blame for the attack on Assad.

On September 6th, 2013, the Senate filed a resolution to authorize military force against Syria’s military in response to the Ghouta attack. Four days later the threat was averted when Assad accepted a deal that would see him turn over all of his stockpiled chemical weapons under the watch of the Americans and Russians.

Sarin Gas In Douma

Anti-government Syrian groups started posting photos and videos of people afflicted with sarin gas poisoning after an alleged attack by the Syrian army against the city.

A spokesperson for the US State Department has been confirmed that they are following the “disturbing reports” and that, if confirmed, are indeed “horrifying” and should result in an “immediate response by the international community.” Unless the international community is too busy crying about Israel protecting their borders.

Still from a video posted by the Syrian Civil Defense White Helmets

Obama’s ‘Red Line’ In The Sand

As mentioned by Trump in his tweet, Obama once listed that the use of chemical weapons on civilians in Syria would cross a “red line.” The comment was made in 2012, before the Senate wanted to push for military intervention, before Obama and Putin agreed to broker the removal of chemical weapons from the region.

[LAST YEAR: Putin Blames US For Syrian Chemical Attacks]

What I find especially outrageous about Obama’s “line in the sand” phrase is that he has a terrible habit of usingBiblical references as if he wasn’t a fake Christian.

“This they said, testing Him, that they might have something of which to accuse Him. But Jesus stooped down and wrote on the ground with His finger, as though He did not hear. KJV John 8:6”

Syrian Government Response

As expected, the Syrian government and their Russian allies have denied any wrongdoing. One Russian Major General spoke to Russian media earlier and said that he wanted to send his own guys in to confirm the “fabricated nature” of the reports. Syria continues to maintain that they handed over all of their chemical weapons, including their sarin gas after the 2013 agreement with the US Senate.

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