President Trump Greeted By Thunderous Cheers At Bama-LSU Game – Baby Trump Balloon Gets Slashed

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President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were greeted by thunderous cheers and chants of “USA!” on Saturday at the Alabama-LSU Game. It was a packed stadium and they just could not get enough of the First Couple. Meanwhile, a Trump supporter slashed a Baby Trump balloon which is now no more. No great loss there but the poor guy did get arrested.

“Trump sat in a box owned by Jim Wilson, a real estate businessman from Alabama. The president was joined by Louisiana Republican Reps. Clay Higgins, Mike Johnson, Ralph Abraham and Garret Graves; Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., and Alabama Republican Reps. Robert Aderholt, Bradley Byrne, and Gary Palmer,” ESPN reports.

Trump, sitting one tier above the field, waved as fans turned around to look up at the president. He smiled, gave a thumbs-up a few times and threw a couple of fist bumps into the air as the Alabama fans waved red and white pompoms in response. First lady Melania Trump got an equally enthusiastic welcome.

From Breitbart:

“The visit marks President Trump’s third different sporting event attended in just the last few weeks. The president attended Game 5 of the World Series between the Nationals and the Astros and he became the first sitting president in U.S. history to attend a UFC fight last weekend. In addition, the president also hosted the Nationals at the White House after their World Series victory.

“This, however, is not Trump’s first time attending a big time SEC matchup. The president was also in attendance when Alabama took on Georgia for the national championship at the end of the 2017 season.”

There’s no way the liberal media can spin this reaction to Trump as anything but positive, but I’m sure they’ll try. Thousands applauded the president and cheered him on. The left hated it.

As the Daily Wire observed, Newsbusters Vice President Dan Gainor called it, “Welcome to real America!” and it was certainly different from the reaction in D.C. during the World Series game, inside the Beltway bubble.

Then, on top of all this, CNN decided to ask some of the fans what they thought about the impeachment process going on in D.C. and CNN got an earful from fans. It was not what they expected AT ALL. The fans bluntly stated that the president was being treated unfairly and Democrats should do their jobs, not go on political witch hunts simply because they lost an election.

The death of the Baby Trump balloon was a highlight as well. Per The Daily Wire, The infamous “Baby Trump” balloon, that made its debut in a series of protests in London last summer, met an untimely end outside of the University of Alabama – Louisiana State University football game in Alabama Saturday during a small protest of President Trump’s visit.

From The Daily Wire:

“There was little sign of political sentiment on campus but plenty of bipartisan grumbling about the long lines to get in due to enhanced security,” NBC News reported — but there was a small demonstration involving the “Baby Trump” balloon, which organizers paid a shocking $4,500 to “adopt” for the day (the group raised nearly $8,000 for the effort, with the extra going to the Equal Justice Initiative).

“Jim Girvan, the organizer of a group that ‘adopts’ out the Trump balloons for protests, said a man charged the balloon with a knife and cut an 8-foot-long (2.4-meter-long) gash in the back,” according to the Associated Press.

“Hoyt Hutchinson, a 32-year-old Alabama fan, was arrested for the attack on the balloon, which depicts Trump as an orange-hued baby wearing a diaper and holding a cell phone set to Twitter. He is shown in a video, posted to social media, being loaded into the back of a police car, while still screaming at the protesters.”

And so ends the Baby Trump balloon tradition. No great loss and I actually feel sorry for the guy who did it… I’m sure many of us have wished an untimely demise on that stupid orange monstrosity that insults the President of the United States.

Trump’s potential attendance made the news early this week, and he is the first U.S. president to ever attend the annual Alabama-LSU game. President Trump also attended the 2017 national championship game between SEC rivals Georgia and Alabama.

There was a packed crowd of over 100,000 at Bryant-Denny Stadium for the LSU-Alabama college football game in Tuscaloosa, Alabama Saturday afternoon. And they roared their approval of Trump. I feel a second term coming on and a landslide victory in 2020.

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