President Trump Cancels NATO Press Conference In London After Being Mocked By Trudeau… Heads Back To DC

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President Trump will head back to Washington, D.C. this afternoon after completing his remaining meetings at the NATO Summit in London rather than staying for another evening of mixers after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was captured on tape mocking him at a Buckingham Palace reception Tuesday night. Trudeau was blabbing to Macron and Boris Johnson (who I thought was Trump’s friend). And they were dumb enough to get caught on video doing it… either that or they just don’t care.

The NATO gathering has been very tense and Trudeau, as well as a handful of other world leaders, were left angry after Trump suggested that NATO allies begin making bigger financial contributions to the alliance’s military efforts rather than rely on the United States to underwrite the vast cost of NATO peacekeeping. You know… pay their fair share. Socialist Trudeau just can’t stomach that (which is hypocritical in the extreme for a socialist) and thus resorted to Kindergarten politics behind Trump’s back. Just shameful.

From The Daily Wire:

“Trudeau was captured talking about the President by cameras filming interactions between the NATO leaders at a reception hosted by Queen Elizabeth on Tuesday. Trudeau laughed at Trump’s tardiness and suggested to the UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson that Trump’s staff was trying desperately to rein in the American president.

“Trump replied to Trudeau’s mockery on Wednesday, outlining his efforts to prod Canada, the UK, and others into taking a more active role in paying for NATO efforts which, Trump says, Trudeau and others didn’t appreciate. NATO members have a “non-binding” agreement to contribute 2% of their countries’ gross domestic product to defense and Trump made it a priority to confront the leaders of nations who aren’t making good on that promise.

“I called him out on the fact he is not paying 2 percent, and I guess he’s not very happy about it,” Trump told reporters, adding that Canada has yet to meet its NATO military spending goals.

“Indeed, the President had testy interactions with several nations he accused of shorting the NATO piggybank. Before news broke of yesterday’s tiff between Trump and Trudeau, the predominant story was Trump’s tangle with French president Emmanuel Macron over what he believed to be French under-payment.

“Trudeau skirted the issue when asked about his comments Wednesday morning, telling reporters that “[l]ast night, I made a reference to the fact that there was an unscheduled press conference before my meeting with President Trump. And I was happy to take part of it. But it was certainly notable,” according to NBC News. He said his “jaws dropping” remark was in reference to Trump’s suggestion that the next G7 summit will be at Camp David in the United States.

“Boris Johson denied that he took part in Trudeau’s apparent criticism, calling the report “absolute nonsense” and adding that he “didn’t know” how those rumors began.

“The President announced on Twitter, however, that he wouldn’t stay to be mocked a second night in a row, and that he would be returning to Washington, D.C., as soon as his remaining meetings are over, cutting a final press conference off his official schedule.

“Just finished meetings with Turkey and Germany. Heading to a meeting now with those countries that have met their 2% GOALS, followed by meetings with Denmark and Italy,” Trump tweeted. “When today’s meetings are over, I will be heading back to Washington. We won’t be doing a press conference at the close of NATO because we did so many over the past two days. Safe travels to all!”

“The President made good on his promise, boarding Marine One at approximately 9:30 EST to rendezvous with his ride back across the Atlantic.”

In point of fact, sitting next to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Trump called Trudeau two-faced. Which is quite fitting here. And Boris Johnson is a lousy liar. “He was late because he takes a 40-minute press conference at the top,” Trudeau said in a small group of world leaders, and added, “You just watch his team’s jaws drop to the floor.”

Some are saying that Trump is thin-skinned to leave the way he did. After some consideration, I think he did exactly what he should of. If you don’t respect the President of the United States then we don’t need you. To disrespect Trump is to disrespect the American people and that has not ended well for our enemies in the past.

Piers Morgan blasted the European leaders who mocked President Trump at a meeting for NATO leaders in Europe, snapping that they acted like “spiteful little Mean Girls.” Which is exactly right. Well said. Morgan was referring to the hot-mic video clip showing French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte joking about Trump at Buckingham Palace. Wonder what the Queen thought of that?

He noted in response to the leaders mocking Trump, “There they all were, sniggering and b*tching away like spiteful little Mean Girls about U.S. President Donald Trump, the modern-day Caesar.” Spot on.

Morgan commented:

“It was a very revealing clip for many reasons. First, the pathetic cowardice of them all huddling in a group mocking Trump behind his back like schoolkids who give it the Billy Big Balls swagger about their teacher the moment the teacher’s left the room. Second, the brazen disrespect they showed to the President of the United States, by far the most important member world leader at the NATO summit. And third, the unbelievable stupidity of none of them realizing there were TV cameras in the room that might capture their duplicity.”

Gee, I just said that. Piers Morgan is very astute.

Per The Daily Wire, after noting the nasty behavior of Trudeau, Morgan turned to Princess Anne, daughter of the Queen, and the fact that she was nodding along with the mockery, adding, “… something inside me flipped and I found myself mouthing my own words of indiscretion: ‘What the hell are you lot all laughing at?’ This is the same Princess Anne whose brother Andrew wasn’t able to attend the reception because he’s just been fired from public life in shameful disgrace over his support for serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.”

Morgan referred to Trudeau as “the most ultra-liberal virtue-signaling snowflake in global politics — he’s the clown that wanted to abolish the word ‘mankind’ because it’s sexist.” He mentioned the photos of Trudeau in blackface, then snapped, “Like all PC-crazed preachers, he was found to be a shameless hypocrite.” Wow… I wish I had said that. Bravo! Of Macron, Morgan wrote, “Even the French can’t stand the arrogant condescending pipsqueak, with his approval ratings plunging to under 30% and two-thirds of his countrymen saying they’re dissatisfied with his performance.”

I’ll close just by saying what Morgan did in the end… the real embarrassment is on them, not Trump. The president isn’t humiliated here… they are. They are such cowards they don’t have the spine to mock Trump to his face.

Once again America stands alone with very few allies. Canada… is this how you treat the US? Britain… what do you say for yourself? What about the French? We’d just like to know as Americans so we know where to put our money and military might.

Choose wisely… you never know when a war will break out. Next time, we just might not be there to save your worthless behinds.

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