President Barack Ebola’s 2014 Disease Update

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President Obama’s critics claim that he has brought nothing to America during his tenure. That is an unfair criticism. He brought Ebola. Here is the 2014 presidential Ebola update.

‎Barack Obama is being asked to rename himself Barack Ebola since he makes so many people sick.

Obama will not fight Ebola because fighting is wrong. He will dialogue with Ebola and ask it to be more multi-cultural in choosing victims.

President Obama is political Ebola. Democrats are scared to be anywhere near him.

The Center for Disease Control is unable to contain the spread of Obama. Millions are believed to be infected. Symptoms include failure, stupidity and blame-shifting.

The CDC is unable to contain Obama or stop him from campaigning. Democrats keep getting sicker by the day. “O” stands for obtuse.

The way to crush Ebola is for Obama supporters to treat it like they treat Republicans and declare it racist.

When liberals contract Ebola or get beheaded by Islamists, only then do they realize that climate change, the Washington Redskins name and the war on women are complete nonsense.

Ebola Czar Ron Klain’s does have medical expertise. The election 2000 Al Gore hack rescued some pregnant chads.

If Ron Klain’s Election 2000 behavior is a guide, he will steal Ebola and try to give it to # Al Gore in Florida.

Between Ebola, Hezbollah and people who are granola, normal Americans could sure use a Ricola and a Coca-Cola.

Ebola is an anagram for “Able O,” proving Obama has the situation under control. Obama agreed and vowed to play anagrams while golfing.

Democrats are demanding a travel ban to keep toxic Obama from coming to their states and infecting their campaigns.

Only a total quarantine cures disease. Liberalism is the Ebola ideology. Quarantining Obama, Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder from the White House in 2017will then allow the healing of America to begin.

The nurse who refuses to be quarantined should be thrown in jail. Enough with liberal activists making their own laws.

Two problems can be solved simultaneously by sending Ebola patients to ISIS controlled areas for treatment. 

Palestinians, ISIS and other Islamists are expected to use the Ebola virus as a weapon against America, Israel, and the rest of the West. Obama is expected to wag his finger, do nothing, and go back to golfing.

Ebola could be a blessing in disguise. If enough liberals get it, they may start doubting Obama‘s ability to fix anything. They will discount this lucidity as delusions.

The way to keep Ebola on lockdown so it never sees the light of day is to quarantine it in the same place as Lois Lerner’s emails.

President Barack #Ebola let people die in Benghazi and Fast  and Furious but he will make the CDC take prompt action if Ebola infects or kills one tree.

San Francisco is the Ebola of cities. A mandatory quarantine is needed to keep them from infecting the rest of America.

Obama has not been lazy in dealing with Ebola or anything else. He works less than 30 hours per week to avoid Obamacare affecting his job status.

Wall Street CPAs are confusing EBOLA and EBITDA, declaring Ebola to be “earnings before overcharges, losses & amortization.” Jobless millennials then ask “What’s a CPA?”

The only thing that spreads more rapidly than dangerous diseases are limericks. The Ebola limerick is as toxic as it is truthful.

“There once was an oaf named Obama.

Who bragged that he caught Osama.

Or was it Ebola?

He’s so full of [email protected]

He’s been lying since he exited his momma.

This concludes the 2014 Barack Ebola update. Further updates will take place as President Obama does more damage and ruins the health of everyone and everything around him.

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