Pres. of American College of Pediatricians Sure to Offend Libs With TransGender Kids Announcement

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Liberals continue to push the idea of transgender and transgenderism on Americans. They are not going to like this one bit! After reading what the President of the American College of Pediatricians said, their heads are going to explode. The liberal’s argument for gender being ‘fluid’ is going to take a back seat after this news. Let’s face it folks, the transgender uprising today is a neglectful phenomenon of liberals that is harming our children.

As noted by The Daily Signal, three doctors took part in a panel discussion at The Heritage Foundation to discuss the dangers associated with relying on feelings rather than facts with regards to treating children who believe they’re transgender.

The Heritage Foundation’s Ryan Anderson led the Oct. 11 panel, which featured Drs. Michelle Cretella, Paul Hruz and Allan Josephson.

Cretella, who currently serves as the president of the American College of Pediatricians in Gainesville, Florida, eviscerated liberal talking points about allowing children to essentially define their own sex.

Cretella argued from the point of scientific fact — that is, biology is the only thing that determines an individual’s sex.

Oops. Like I said, liberals are not going to handle that fact about gender or transgender sex very well.

Watch Cretella beginning at 4:14 in the video below:

“Biological sex is not assigned,” Cretella said. “Biological (sex) is imprinted by our DNA at the moment of conception, and it’s (in) every single cell in our bodies.”

Cretella’s argument was that a person’s sex is only defined by chromosomes, meaning a person with a “Y” chromosome is a boy and a person with two “X” chromosomes is a girl.

“Thoughts and feelings are not hard-wired before birth,” Cretella said, adding that there’s absolutely zero scientific evidence to support liberal caricatures that a person can “choose” their gender.

We’ll say it again…sex is determined by an x and y chromosome, not by feelings. Kids are not a transgender just based on their feelings!

To further bolster her claims, Cretella told a story about a little boy she had as a patient 10 years ago who she called “Andy.”

“Between the ages of 3 and 5, little Andy increasingly played with girl toys. Stereotypical girl toys. He really made friends easier with girls, and he started telling his parents, ‘Mommy, Daddy, I am a girl,’” she explained.

Cretella said she told Andy’s parents to take him to see a therapist to analyze whether family dynamics played a role in Andy believing he wanted to be a girl.

“During one session, they had a breakthrough,” she recalled. “Andy had a truck and a Barbie. He put the truck down, he looked up at his parents, and said, ‘Mommy, Daddy, you don’t love me when I’m a boy.’ Now the therapist had something to work with.”

Cretella explained that Andy had a sister with special needs, which required his parents to spend more time with her. Cretella said Andy believed his parents loved his sister more because she was a girl, which subsequently resulted in Andy believing his parents would love him just as much if he were also a girl.

He no longer had the psychological need to be the opposite sex in order to feel loved. Within a year of that session he was happy, healthy, and identified as a boy,” Cretella said.

While Andy progressed and moved on living a normal life, Cretella said he wouldn’t have been given the same appropriate treatment today.

“Today, Andy’s pediatrician would refer Andy and his family to gender specialists or a gender clinic,” she said. “The parents would immediately be told this is who Andy is.”

Josephson, a professor and division chief of child and adolescent psychiatry at the University of Louisville, agreed with Cretella that the transgender uprising today is a “neglectful phenomenon, neglecting the developmental needs of children.”

Hruz, an associate professor of pediatrics, endocrinology, cell biology, and physiology at Washington University, said transgender people face depression and anxiety that could lead to bad outcomes.

There were three main takeaways from the discussion: biology determines an individual’s gender, feelings about gender have no scientific support, and that doctors in various industries are harming children by pushing unsubstantiated ideas about transgender or transgenderism.

But hey, we all know that liberals don’t deal well with the facts! But when it comes to gender of a baby it comes down to and ‘X’ or ‘Y’. It’s all about the facts of science. Liberals need to deal with it or more children are going to be harmed. Just because a child is playing with a doll, doesn’t make the child a girl. And just because a child plays prefers playing with a truck, that doesn’t make that child a boy either. And they certainly don’t need a transgender operation either. It’s all about the ‘x’ and ‘y’ chromosome. It all comes down to facts and science, neither of which liberals deal with very well. Case in point – Climate change.


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