Possible Terror Attack In Germany. Three Explosions.

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In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in London, England and Cairo, Egypt it makes it even harder to report that three explosions were heard near a hotel where a touring bus for a German football team Borussia Dortmund were located. They were set to play a match with Monaco and one of the team members was reportedly injured.

The attack is a developing story. At 2:40 EST local German law enforcement officials released a statement confirming the explosions had taken place. Law enforcement authorities stated the following,

“In the run-up to the Champions League match of BVB against AS Monaco, there was an explosion near the BVB team bus shortly after 7 pm. The location of the event is Wittbräuckerstraße/Schirrmannweg in Dortmund-Höchsten. According to current knowledge the windows of the bus (whole or partial) were shattered and one person was injured. It is not yet possible to say exactly what the explosion was or exactly where something exploded.”

Eight minutes later at 2:48 EST the Borussia Dortmund confirmed via social media outlet, Twitter, that their defender Marc Bartra had been injured as a result of the explosions. He is now in a nearby hospital recovering. Reports indicate he was injured in his arm and hand and that his injuries are not life threatening. Whether or not he will be playing in the rescheduled event is unknown. But it would be surprising if he did.

In response to the attack and his injuries the football player said,

“We’re all shocked — nobody thought about a football match in the minutes after that.”

Dortmund Chief Executive Hans-Joachim Watzke said the following about the incident,

“The team is totally shocked, that’s clear. It’s our task now to digest this somehow because it’s only 24 hours before we have to play. That’s our job. It’s a very unfortunate situation but there was no other way.”

Supporters for their adversary Monaco were heard inside the stadium where the game was meant to take place chanting, “Dortmund, Dortmund,” in support of the injured team. Dortmund residents even took to social media to offer accommodations for people who had planned trips to visit for the game and to offer aid and condolences to the Borussia Dortmund team.

Here’s a look at some of the responses and updates on social media since the explosion took place,


Shortly thereafter at 2:55 EST a picture was placed online that showed a damaged window from the explosion. The football team players were near the hotel because they were staying there prior to their quarter final match in the Champions League. Making them a prime target if someone or an organization knew they would all be there at the same time.

Not much is yet known about the attack. It has neither been confirmed nor denied that this is a result of a planned attack by ISIS or any other terrorist organization affiliated with them. However, France24 journalist Yannis Koutsomitis did report that police confirmed three explosive devices were detonated on the bus and around it. No American citizens have yet been reported to be victims of this attack and the U.S. Embassy has yet to release any such statement to that affect.

No news is always good news so hopefully there will be no news on that front. Regardless, it certainly appears that these explosions were targeted to a western country. London, England was hit a few weeks ago as well.

Because of the explosion Borussia Dortmund released a press statement indicating the football match was cancelled and it has been rescheduled for Wednesday at 6:45 P.M. Meanwhile, it has not been confirmed this is a terrorist attack, but it has all the markings of one. Explosions like this are very common for ISIS and other radical Islamic organizations. Cairo, Egypt was just hit hard by multiple explosions in Orthodox and Catholic churches. It is not a far stretch to wonder if they are connected in one way or another.

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