Portland Public Schools Forbid Climate Change Skepticism; Book Ban!

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The Portland Public Schools are in the midst of a book ban, and they now forbid books that show skepticism on climate change! I kid you not!

Pressured by environmentalists, the Portland Public Schools board unanimously approved a resolution that forbids using textbooks that “spread doubt about the human causes” and do not show the “urgency of the crisis”  concerning climate change.

The resolution literally reads: PPS will abandon the use of any adopted text material that is found to express doubt about the severity of the climate change crisis or its root in human activities. 

The Portland Public Schools are in the midst of a book ban, and they now forbid books that show skepticism on climate change!

In a world where almost daily, the climate change mantra is being proven to be false and the purveyors to be lying, this is insanity.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has just been caught, “cooking the books” again…

It was just proven that at least 50% of the “global warming” in the US since 1979 has been fabricated by NOAA.

Breitbart reports:

While satellite records have shown no global warming for at least 18 years, the land based data sets like the ones maintained by NOAA for the US Historical Climate Network (USHCN) continue to show a warming trend.

One reason for this discrepancy, the study suggests, is that NOAA has been cherry-picking its raw data. That is, it has ignored the evidence from those weather stations showing little or no late Twentieth century warming and instead placed undue emphasis on the ones that do show warming.

But the ones that do show warming also happen to be the least trustworthy. These are the ones, the study shows, which have been most corrupted by the Urban Heat Island effect – and other environmental factors.

We also learned last year while the Climate Change mantra has been that the ice caps were going to disappear, that the Antarctic sea ice had reached a new record high.

The excuse given was that “not every location with sea ice will have a downward trend in ice extent”

Yeah…every location…all those many locations of sea ice. ANTARCTICA IS THE BIGGEST OF 2!!!

Of course Al Gore told us that climate change would totally destroy all the sea ice in the Arctic by 2013…and, of course it is all still there!

In fact, while Gore said Arctic would be totally “ice free by 2013″, it had actually increased by 33% by that time.

The lies that have been PROVEN in the man made climate change mantra are so widespread it is obvious that it is a hoax. Here Here. Of course …Bill Nye the science dork wants all of those who do not believe to be put in jail.

The Portland Public Schools are in the midst of a book ban, and they now forbid books that show skepticism on climate change! I kid you not!

Political Cartoonist Branco hits the nail on the head on the REAL truth about Climate Change!

My good friend, singer Trade Martin, just released a new Climate Change Hoax song.

Trade is well known for the 1962 hit “That Stranger Used to Be My Girl” as well as many decades as a songwriter, producer, arranger and radio host!

You can find his latest, “ON TOP OF THE NEWS” each day as well as follow his current projects on Facebook!

Trade writes the following as well. He cracks me up!

It’s extremely embarrassing to the man-made Climate Change scientist geniuses (mostly on government salaries) when the public comes to the factual realization that one major volcano eruption distributes more toxins and dioxides into the Earth’s atmosphere than an entire civilization’s industries can emit in a over a century.

These geniuses’ scare-tactic warnings are as laughable as the vireo-fertilization breeding of Unicorns in a transgender hot tub.

The Barack Obama administration has got America so nuts that my dog (After watching MSNBC) has started peeing in my cat’s litter box……!!!

OK now, back to the Ozone layer….., how’s that big air-hole doing that was so effected by my girlfriend’s aerosol hairspray….??? And I guess that your ‘frightening’ “Acid Rain” from those horrendous volcano eruptions weren’t happening for billions of years before man became “industrious” right…???

Now I’ll admit that Global Warming might be caused by a YOUTUBE movie trailer just like the Benghazi attack was ….., but that’s as far as I’ll go…..!!!

Take that Portland School District! Is that enough climate change denial for you?

Trade and I will be cellmates at Guantanamo someday for our climate change denial I am sure!


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