Pope Francis Strongly Condemns ‘Catastrophic Bombing’ of Nagasaki and Hiroshima Despite Historical Justification

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At the intersection of where Catholicism and communism meet, stands Pope Francis. No single subject puts this forth more starkly than the Pope’s call for the eradication of nuclear weapons. For over a month, he has been vociferously condemning the “evil” bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, calling the attacks a “tragic episode in human history.” What about the tragic murders at Pearl Harbor? Or around the planet by the Japanese? Has everyone forgotten why those bombs were used in the first place?

At least a hundred thousand Japanese civilians and military personnel died due to the heat, radiation and blast effects of the two bombs that hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Many tens of thousands died from radiation sickness or related diseases, bringing the estimated death toll to 400,000 people. But those weapons ended a world war — they saved millions of lives.

“I will soon visit Nagasaki and Hiroshima, where I will offer prayers for the victims of the catastrophic bombing of these two cities, and echo your own prophetic calls for nuclear disarmament,” the Pope told an assembly of the nation’s bishops in Tokyo Saturday evening, shortly after his arrival in the country. The leading voices on Earth calling for nuclear disarmament are almost universally communist and Pope Francis is the loudest among them.

From Breitbart:

“I wish to meet those who still bear the wounds of this tragic episode in human history, as well as the victims of the triple disaster,” he said. “Their continued sufferings are an eloquent reminder of our human and Christian duty to assist those who are troubled in body and spirit, and to offer to all the Gospel message of hope, healing and reconciliation.”

“Evil has no preferences; it does not care about people’s background or identity,” he continued. “It simply bursts in with its destructive force, as was the case recently with the devastating typhoon that caused so many casualties and material damage.”

“This past week, Francis sent a video message to the people of Japan, denouncing the use of nuclear weapons as “immoral” just prior to his departure for a six-day visit to Asia, including Thailand and Japan.

“Your country is very aware of the suffering caused by war,” said the pope in reference to the U.S. bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in August 1945. “Together with you, I pray that the destructive power of nuclear weapons will never be unleashed again in human history.”

“Using nuclear weapons is immoral,” he said, speaking in his native Spanish.

“The theme chosen for the pope’s visit is “Protect All Life,” and Francis said that this message assumes “particular importance in the face of threats to the peaceful coexistence that the world has to face today, especially in armed conflicts.”

“The Vatican’s secretary of state, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, said this month that Pope Francis will call for “the total elimination of nuclear weapons” when he visits Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

“When the pope visits Japan, “he will not fail to make the strongest appeal possible for concerted steps toward the total elimination of nuclear weapons,” Cardinal Parolin said.

“Last year, the pope distributed postcards featuring the photo of a Japanese boy carrying his dead brother after the U.S. bombing of Nagasaki. It included his personal message: “the fruit of war” and had the Pope’s signature, “Franciscus.”

“So it is necessary to destroy the weapons, let’s strive for nuclear disarmament,” Francis told journalists at the time.”

People should realize that a call for nuclear disarmament in the name of peace is a call to slaughter and subjugation. President Reagan was right to push for peace through mutually assured destruction. It is the only way to keep militaristic monsters at bay and Japan’s bombing is an excellent example of that.

From Angelus:

“Francis is on record saying that he wants a total ban on nuclear weapons. Back in 2017 he said that countries shouldn’t stockpile them, even if for the sole purpose of deterrence. Japan has a somewhat unique status, as the only nation to have suffered the effect of nuclear weaponry. It advocates disarmament, while relying on the “nuclear umbrella” of the United States as a deterrent.

“Nuclear weapons reflect a “mentality of fear,” Francis said in 2017, an effective and inclusive effort can lead to the dismantling of arsenals.

“The world cannot but be “genuinely concerned” by the “catastrophic humanitarian and environmental effects,” of deploying nuclear devices, taking into account also the possibility of an accidental detonation. The threat of their use, as well as their existence, must be “firmly condemned,” he said.”

I hate the loss of innocent life but had the Japanese not been stopped WWII could have led the planet into permanent darkness. That does not seem to bother Red Francis. The Pope touts the Catholic population of Japan which is less than 1%. He shows pictures of children carrying dead siblings to sway the masses. He’s using propaganda to make his point here. But evil is built and thrives on the calls for peace and the baring of throats to wolves.

It has always been true that if you want peace, prepare for war. Out of a moral sense of good, the US could destroy its nuclear stockpiles, then its enemies would destroy us and millions would die. Which is more moral? To destroy nuclear weapons and let billions suffer slavery and misery under tyrants or to keep nuclear stockpiles to deter your enemies and to use it as a last resort? Perhaps the Pope should ponder that question, as should all Catholics.

Sources: Breitbart, The Daily Mail, ABC News, Angelus

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