The Hill: New Poll Shows Trump Leading ALL Dem Candidates In Wisconsin For 2020

In the same poll last month, all of the candidates except Buttigieg beat Trump.

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In the midst of impeachment, from a poll that had Trump behind most Democrat contenders last month, Trump bests each and every contender in the very important state of Wisconsin. Now polls at this point are a shadow, at best, but this is very significant under the circumstances. The media plays a lot on the national polls, but significantly, it is the state polls that really matter.

In the same poll last month, all of the candidates except Buttigieg beat Trump.

Also very significant is that Trump beats Biden, 47 percent to 44 percent, in the new poll. democrats basically have one talking-point for the former Vice President and that is: He’s the only one that can beat Trump.

The Hill reports the rest of the results from the new Marquette Law School poll.

Trump also holds a 3-point edge over Sanders in Wisconsin, 48 percent to 45 percent.

Trump’s lead is wider against Warren, at 48 percent to 43 percent, and Buttigieg, at 47 percent to 39 percent, pollsters found.

The results come as the House impeachment inquiry against Trump unfolds. Democrats launched the inquiry in September after a whistleblower reported Trump asked the Ukrainian president to look into Biden and his son.

Trump won Wisconsin, along with Michigan and Pennsylvania, in the 2016 election, allowing him take the White House. The Democratic Party is aiming to win these battleground states back in 2020.

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Like I said, polls this way out, are almost as meaningless as the first horse out of the starting gate in a horse race. But this particular one has some significance that should really worry Democrats at this point.

First and foremost, this poll is being taken in what is most likely the worst circumstances any president could be in, impeachment. This president has had everything thrown at him the entire time he has been in office, and this is the kitchen sink. For Donald Trump to be rising, not falling, in such an important state is incredible.

The media has been merciless. The attacks have been from all sides. Under the worst of circumstances Trump is still besting each and every democrat in this very important state when they should be smashing him.

Wisconsin is one of the states the President stole from Democrats in 2016. The economic boom has been felt very well in the Rust Belt states.

My friend Craig Bergman said it clear:

Forget ALL the “National” polls. They have no meaning what so ever. There are ONLY 5 polls that matter: Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Ohio and Florida are Republican States. MUST WIN or it is over. Period.

Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are Democrat States the CAUSED the Trump win last time. They too are MUST WIN. Win these five, and you are President. LOSE ONE, and you LOSE it all.

That simple.

So, the first REAL Poll, and Trump Leads in Wisconsin. THAT spells DEATH for the Democrats.

Know this, Trump was BEHIND in ALL 5 states the DAY before the election in 2016. And he won them all.

This isn’t GOOD news…. it’s GREAT !!!

It really is. The impeachment will be long over by next November. There is not an economist around that sees an economic downturn coming. The Democrats have thrown their best shot, and by any honest account, the impeachment is not going well.

This isn’t GOOD news…. it’s GREAT !!!

Remember the headline? Trump wins Wisconsin, a state that hasn’t voted Republican since 1984!

Keep that popcorn coming!

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